Thursday, March 2, 2017

Unhinged + Unleashed Exclusive Cover Reveals!!!

I thought about releasing these separately, but decided against it. For one, the book boxes that include these exclusive covers are already on sale, so the longer I waited to show you, the less of a chance you had of actually getting to purchase one! Besides, I'm also not that cruel, to dangle one in front of you and without the other...


So, hopefully by now we've all already seen the original covers, but, if you haven't you can take a look over on the left sidebar. The covers, as well as links to where both books can be purchased, are there! BUT if you haven't yet gotten your copy of Unhinged, you might want to consider getting the Polyethnic VIP book box instead, because it comes with copies of BOTH the first and second books in this series, AND it comes with the exclusive covers I will be showing you in a moment!

Before I do that however, I'd like to mention the current giveaway going on! You can either check the previous post below after you're done reading this one, click the page on the right sidebar that says Current Giveaways, or just let me give you a quick recap! This giveaway is for (4) paperback books published/soon to be published by the Polyethnic Publishing! One winner will receive all four, as well as bookmarks and signed bookplates by all of the authors whose books are included! This is a one time box offer, and there can only be one winner! There are a ton of different ways to enter, and there's also a FREE entry! So be sure to check it out, because everyone loves giveaways and getting free stuff, right?!


Speaking of free stuff, I still have a few bookplates available! If you're interested in receiving one from me, for free, please leave a comment either here or on the original post! Quick tip: All of my previous posts can be easily accessed by clicking on the past posts section on the lower right side bar! This will help if your just curious to check out past posts, or if you're looking for something in particular--like the original post about free bookplates and how to get one! Again, I've only got a few of these left so if interested act fast!

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for (well, at least if you didn't cheat by scrolling down already...)! Let me just say, that I absolutely LOVE these covers! They're very different from the original covers, which I think only adds to the appeal because they are exclusives! There's only one way to get them, and once they're gone, they're gone! I'll do them one at a time. Here is the new exclusive cover for Unhinged:

Holy Crap, right?! Hadrian is HOT! I absolutely love this cover, every single thing about it! Fun fact, I helped Melissa (who created these two covers herself) pick the stock photo for this one! I loved this image of the guy covered in what looked like Underworld Ash, and I think the hands are such a spooky nice touch. Plus, his blue eyes, am I right? Everything else Melissa did herself, and she did such a fantastic job! I can't wait to get my hands on a physical copy of this!!!

And here is the big Unleashed cover reveal...

AH! Look at Spencer! I didn't have any hand in this one, which Melissa created first. Isn't it beautiful? I love that it has this somewhat eerie feel to it, perfect for this series! I also love the colors and the font! I think these two make such a beautiful set, and I am so excited to have them showcased on my bookshelf and on my instagram!

So, to recap, these two gorgeous covers will ONLY BE AVAILABLE if you purchase one of the Polyethnic's VIP March "Be Our Guest" boxes! Frustrating? Maybe. But it's the only way! After all, that's what makes them exclusive, right?


You can find a link to the purchase page these in a previous post, or by clicking on the original cover image for Unleashed on the left sidebar. There is also a regular box, which is a little cheaper than the VIP, but that will only come with a paperback version of Unleashed. It will have the exclusive cover, but the ebook copy of Unhinged, which comes with it, will probably be the original cover. So, if you really want both of these (and, come on, who doesn't want that Hadrian cover, honestly?) purchasing a VIP box is the only way to do so! These boxes don't just come with books either, there's also a ton of other really fun and great items included! A few examples are bookmarks, prints, and chocolate! To make it easier for you, here's the link again to the VIP box purchase page:

The original covers will be available in stores (the first book, Unhinged, already is), so you'll be able to pick up a copy in either hardcover or paperback at Barnes and Noble, or even on Amazon! You did read that right, by the way. The original covers can be purchased in hardcover! If you haven't yet seen pictures of the first book in hardcover, go check out my instagram (or even previous posts)! It's so pretty! I'm crazy excited to add the hardcover copy of Unleashed to it. That's the best part, is that both of these different cover sets are so beautiful and unique! Personally, I'm definitely glad that I'll be getting both!

Side note: Some of you may have noticed that the original cover for Unleashed was altered yesterday. This is because we realized I had been given a slightly duller version, which unfortunately, was the one that was posted here and on Now that it's corrected, you'll find that the colors are a lot brighter, and therefore, in my opinion, a lot better! I just think it's all around prettier.

Okay, so that should be it for now. I really hope you guys love and enjoy these exclusive covers as much as I do! And if you like both these and the original, why not buy both? A cheap way to do it is by getting the VIP box now, and then purchasing copies of the original covers later! There's no exact release date for Unleashed yet, but it will be coming out sometime in March, right after book boxes go out! We're still working at the design and actual book, so we don't want to give a set date just yet. But it will definitely be March, obviously, seeing as how this is the book for the months box!

All right, suggestion? Let's all scroll back up and stare some more at that Hadrian cover. Sigh. Thanks for reading guys! As always, questions and comments welcome! Let me know what you all think of the covers!!! Especially that Hadrian one. Damn. Am I right? Lol. ;)



  1. Wait I ordered a VIP box are you saying I'll be getting these covers now instead of the other ones? :( cause I really loved the other ones with the flowers red and yellow they were gorgeous! Is there anyway I can get them in the box instead of these ones? These are okay but I really loved the other ones that why I ordered so I could have a hard copy of such a beautiful cover...

    1. The boxes don't come with hardcover copies, unfortunately. They come with paperback. They also generally always (after that first month in Dec.) come with exclusive covers. I can try asking my publisher, who also runs the boxes, if she'd be willing to slip in paperbacks of the original covers though! If you could just message me about this on Goodreads, so I'm sure I can get back to you quickly (sometimes the blog delays comments)!

  2. That's so kind of you ❤ thank you I'll message you on there :)