Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thanks to everyone who ordered one of the March "Be Our Guest" Polyethnic Fandom Book Boxes!!! I am so excited for you guys to start receiving them (they ship around the 25th of this month) and for you to finally get your hands on a copy of book #2, Unleashed! I know, the 25th feels like a million years away! Trust me, I'm right there with you! I don't get my copies until around the same time, and I'm going crazy waiting for them!


Anyway, that's enough of that (mostly because I can't seem to get giphy to work for me right now...:/) BUT I have a surprise I'm working on for you guys! Well, more aptly, all of you who signed up for the free bookplate that I offered a few weeks ago! The bookplate is going to be a little different from the usual ones I send, and I've been working on sketches so that I'm sure to get it just right! The hope is that I'll have this done and ready to go around the same time the boxes start shipping, just like I planned originally :) These will be signed, and I've gathered all of your emails to let you know once they're in the mail so you can keep an eye out. I will post more about this later on, when I'm closer to completion, or when it's done and ready to go. Haven't decided which yet. We'll see.

Trying to keep this post short so let me speed through the rest of this really quick.

Remember there's still that massive giveaway going on below, so scroll down and click on the link to enter for a chance to win 4 paperback books!

There's also another giveaway going on over on my review blog, and it ends in TWO DAYS! So, if you were interested in winning more free books, head on over and enter quickly! There's an author interview to go along with this, so it's a fun way for you to learn more information about author Emma Jaye! I've got about 4-5 other interviews/giveaways planned for that blog in the coming month, so be sure to check back weekly in order to enter for chances to win! Free books are always worth it! AND I even have an author offering up a couple paperbacks, so you really don't want to miss it!

Seriously, if anyone figures this new Giphy setup out, please let me know! Everytime I hit embed it all goes blank on me so...The next few posts might end up being gif-less! :(

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