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Prisoner of Glass Book + UNDERWORLD GIVEAWAY

The giveaway for paperback copies of all three of the installments of the Underworld saga so far is still going on! It lasts another two months, giving everyone enough time to check out my book, Prisoner of Glass, for FREE, for a chance to enter and win these paperback copies! More information on the giveaway, and how to enter, can be found in the post below this one, or here:


This book can be read for free in its entirety on the site, Swoonreads.com! This is a site where books have the chance of being chosen for traditional publishing, so it would really mean a lot if you would all go check it out, and leave a rating/comment to boost my chances! Again, this is also where you get to read one of my books FOR FREE! Here's the link to that:


Another place chapters are being posted (note, so far it's only chapters, not the entire book) is Watpad.com. If you just want to read the first couple of chapters before going to Swoonreads.com, then you can do so here:


This is a Teen Sci-Fi about a girl who gets mistaken for an alien princess and kidnapped. Brought to another planet in a different galaxy, she's forced to pretend to be the princess until the real one is found back on earth. If she fails, then she'll set off a war the human race probably won't survive. Along the way, she falls for her kidnapper, and struggles to avoid the real princess's betrothed.

There's a page at the top left sidebar which will show you an excerpt from the book, however, I decided to also post he first chapter here. I might end up deleting this post later on. Again though, please go and check this out on the Swoonreads.com website, as that's where it matters most. If any of you did so and are having trouble with their eReader, just let me know here, or through my Goodreads.com account (the link of which can be found in the sidebars) and I'll send you a more traditional eBook copy!

Without further ado, here's the first chapter of Prisoner of Glass:

Chapter 1:




“I hate it.” Delaney Grace stared into the mirror at her reflection, lips pressed in a thin line, brow wrinkled at the center. She’d made an awful mistake. Probably the biggest mistake of her entire life.

“It’s not that bad,” her best friend and roommate, Mariana, said from the doorway of their tiny bathroom. It could barely fit them both on a good day, those mornings where they crammed in, bumping shoulders to try and squish their images into the two by three mirror that hung over the sink.

It used to be painted white, but now the walls were turning a soft gray, and the small tub in the far right corner had begun to gather a rust spot at the base of the faucet. The floor could certainly afford a good washing, but neither of them ever had the time, being students at Cymbeline High School.

CHS was a small, not well known school in upstate Maine, which was why they could even afford an apartment. Fortunately, they’d both turned eighteen back in January, and had insisted on moving out of their parents houses and in together. The private school was a live-in with dorms anyway, so Delaney had been on her own for over three years already, despite her parents living in the state. They’d gotten all the necessary paperwork and had moved two blocks down into the dinky apartment they now called home.

Delaney let out another groan, wishing she hadn’t been so stupid earlier. She’d completed her final exam this morning at ten, signaling the end of her senior year. To celebrate, she’d decided to do something bold, something brash to kick off the summer. When she’d been walking back from campus she’d passed the town’s only salon and bam. The idea had struck her. Before she could change her mind, she’d gone in.

“I’m a complete idiot.”

“No,” Mariana shook her head, “I’m serious. It’s really not that bad. You just need to get used to it, that’s all.”

“I’m never going to get used to this.”  She held out both hands to her hair, her hair that now didn’t even reach the tops of her shoulders. She should have at least kept it that long, but no, she’d wanted to go big or go home.

“At least it’s not, like, a pixy cut,” Mariana shrugged.

She squeezed her eyes shut. “Not helping.”

“This you can pull off,” she went on, “a pixy cut…not so much. You just don’t have the proper bone structure to go that short. But, trust me, by tomorrow morning, your hair won’t seem like such a big deal.”

Being that she was a natural redhead, with thick curly hair, there was the upside of not having to worry about styling. That was part of the reason she’d agreed to it when the stylist had suggested it. Her hair was constantly getting out of hand, the unruly curls tangling and clumping to the point where she’d get frustrated and merely sweep it up into a messy ponytail. She could still pull it back, but the end would be more a stub than a tail.

She hadn’t done any major layering either, just a little shorter at the front to accommodate her side bangs and that was it.

“How long do you think it’ll be until it grows back?” she whined, feeling a bit pathetic in the process. She wasn’t the complaining sort, had always been either the strong silent type, or the tell-it-like-it-is type, depending on who she was with. But this… “Complete idiot.”

“Alright,” Mariana braved the cramped room and stepped up behind her. Placing her hands gently on her shoulders she shook a little and grinned at her in the mirror. “Enough already. What’s done is done, no use dwelling. What you need is—”

“A wig?”

“—a distraction,” she gave her a mock glare for interrupting but continued. “I’ve got my last final at noon, and I should be done within forty-five minutes, an hour tops. How about we meet up in Portland for late lunch early dinner? Then we can hang around and do a little bar hopping.”

Despite the fact she was smiling, Delaney rolled her eyes. “You might be comfortable using a fake ID, I am not.”

“You’re no fun,” she pouted, pursing out her full cherry red lips.

Mariana was gorgeous, that exotic dark beauty type that Delaney in all her fair skinned glory secretly wished she could be. It wasn’t that she disliked herself, just that her friend’s golden complexion and wide doe brown eyes always seemed more appealing. Her hair was thick as well, but unlike the crazy red curls on top of her head, Mariana’s were heavy black waves that dropped to her elbows like liquid ink.

At eighteen, neither of them were legal, but that never stopped Mariana from trying. She knew all the best places that didn’t card, and had even convinced Delaney to join her a time or two.

“Besides,” Delaney sighed, “there’s no way they’ll let me in with this hair. I think I inadvertently took off three years. I look like I did back in middle school.”

“Coming from someone who actually knew you in middle school,” she snorted, “no, you don’t.”

Instead of responding to that, she reached for her phone on the edge of the sink and unlocked the screen. Meeting her friends gaze in the slightly fogged over glass, she quirked a brow.

“You said your exam was at twelve, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“It’s eleven fifty.”

“Shit!” Mariana bolted from the bathroom so fast she knocked one of the towels down off the racks without touching it. She clambered around the two bedroom apartment, crashing into things as she went. When she sped by a second time, heading towards the door, her half opened Jan Sport bright pink backpack was slung over her right shoulder.

She slammed her left hand against the bathroom doorframe to stop her decent, glaring pointedly at Delaney. “Portland. Two hours. Don’t be late.”

“Good luck!” she called after her retreating back, chuckling at the insanity that was her friend. Her smile died on her lips when she turned back around and glanced into the mirror again.

Ok, she was being dramatic, but she was allowed to care about trivial things like her hair every once in awhile. Convincing herself that she wasn’t being ridiculous, she left and headed down the narrow hall towards her bedroom.

The apartment was a mess, courtesy of Mariana, so she had to step over dropped sweatshirts and discarded shoes as she went. She didn’t mind, though. She found the clutter made it feel a bit more like a home. Her parents, while great, both came from old money, and had grown up in households that believed in the old adage, “children should be seen and not heard”. She’d had a nanny to help pick up all of her toys, and her clothes had all been neatly pressed and folded up until she’d entered high school and had refused to allow anyone to choose her outfits for her.

She’d even been allowed to chose the private school she attended. They’d been surprised when she’d chosen to remain in Maine, albeit, a good couple of hours drive from where they live. They’d been even more so when she’d told them a few months ago that Cymbeline State University was where she was continuing her education, even knowing they’d stashed away a sizable college fund for her.

Truth be told, if she’d found an ivy school she’d liked, she would have used it, her pride wasn’t so big as to turn away a good education. However, she had no clue what she wanted to major in, and had gone with Mariana to tour CSU. She’d immediately fallen in love with the quaint campus, and had convinced her parents to at least allow her to attend her first two years there doing her gen-eds.

It always baffled her that they reacted more to her choice in college than they had when she’d decided to move out of the monitored dorms at her high school. They’d barely put up a fight with her on that, in fact.

Mariana had left the TV in the living room on, and it caught Delaney’s attention as she lifted the remote to shut it off.

“The Vice President met with Trump Lorus of the Vakar today to discuss new immigration laws. The two entered around…” the stoic blonde news woman’s voice drowned into the background as Delaney stopped listening.

She watched a moment longer as the cameras panned out to show a large white metal building surrounded by security belonging to both the president and the trump. Having seen enough, she shut the TV off with a shudder and dropped the remote back down onto the paper strewn surface of the coffee table.

It’d only been three years since the discovery of not only extraterrestrials, but ultra terrestrials as well. Having decided to make themselves known, the aliens had appeared to all of the world’s leaders at once on a secure broadcast no one had any idea how they’d managed to create. After exposing their existence, there’d been talk of a merger, which of course the humans had protested.

They’d attempted to fight, but their weapons were toys in comparison to the technology those from Zenith had. That was the name of their planet, Zenith, and once they’d proven there was no fighting against them, they’d dropped their second information bomb on the world.

This wasn’t their first trip here. They’d stumbled on the planet millions of years ago and had witnessed the birth of mankind. Curious, they’d infiltrated the race, leaving some of their own behind to grow and develop alongside them. As the years passed, interspecies breeding caused separate branches to develop, such as the Neanderthal and countless others that Delaney never wanted to attempt wrapping her brain around.

At first there’d been a wide spread panic, of course, at the discovery that not only were their actual aliens out there, but that they’d been here the entire time without anyone’s knowledge. And they hadn’t been as cut off from their own species as most would have liked, either. It’d come as no surprise to the ultras, as they’d come to be called, who’d grown up here.

A debate on whether or not ultras were actual citizens of planet Earth had quickly started, with some wanting to immediately ship them back to Zenith, and others arguing that because they’d been born here, had lived their entire lives here and had never once actually been to Zenith, that they were in fact Earthlings. Those from Zenith had been in a debate over it as well.

From what Delaney knew about it, there were two types of humanoid aliens living on Zenith, the Vakar and the Kint. The first wanted peace between their species, including the allowance of their people to remain on the planet, and for others of their kind to travel to Earth. A dual citizenship, of a sorts.

The Kints, from what she’d gathered the few times she’d gotten enough courage to tune in, wanted total control of the planet. They believed, being that they were the most advanced race, they had the right to Earth and its inhabitants. Though they’d been warring nations for a while, apparently the Vakar and Kint had recently come to an agreement which had saved Earth from total enslavement.

Shivering again, Delaney entered her bedroom and tugged out her favorite jacket. It was styled after a more chick version of a letter mans jacket, with a gray cotton vest and white leather sleeves. She’d always loved the way it made her red hair pop, so that it appeared more like strands of copper on her head. She definitely needed all the help she could get after the new cut.

Her room wasn’t much bigger than the bathroom, but fit her twin sized bed flush against the far wall, and her desk at the left next to the door. Her closet was small, definitely not the walk-in she had back at her parents’ house, but everything she needed was packed inside.

Having grown up in a house big enough to hold two elephants comfortably, one would think she’d find space like this cramped. Instead it was the opposite. She loved that she could get from one end of the apartment to the other in less than five minutes. That she always knew where her things were because there weren’t many places to leave them. That it didn’t take her an hour just to find the damn pair of jeans she wanted to wear, or pick out a pair of shoes.

She liked order. Control.

Grabbing her neon yellow low top Converse, she plopped down on her bed, the springs squeaking beneath her. The room smelled like a mixture of pumpkin spice body lotion and the half empty harvest apple scented candle on the edge of her desk.

After the first six months, everyone on Earth realized that there was little to worry about when it came to the aliens. At least, there was nothing they could do even if there were, so life started returning to normal. For the most part, the average day hadn’t been affected in the least, and even ultras were starting to be accepted.

Delaney had been terrified that first day when those from Zenith had arrived, while Mariana had become obsessed. Fact was the only reason she knew half of what she did about them was because of her roommate. If she had her way, she’d go about her business pretending that they didn’t exist.

And why not? Her life wasn’t affected by their existence or their presence.

She slipped her phone into her back pocket and went to get her keys. The drive to Portland would hopefully help clear her head, and she decided heading there early would be nice. She could do a little window shopping—reward herself for her hard work this year the way she should have before recklessly cutting her hair—and prep herself for a great night with her best friend.

She’d always been good at putting up a front, and the best way for her to get used to her new do was to own it, out in public. As she passed the bathroom she paused and took one last look at herself in the mirror.

Squaring her shoulders, she forced a determined curve to her pale pink lips and stared straight into her light blue eyes.

“You are going to have a killer night tonight.”


* * *


She’d bought too much.

She knew it by the fact there were five bags in her hands as she rushed down the street towards SeaSide, Mariana and her favorite restaurant. The sky was waning above her, turning from the cerulean blue it’d been all day to a dull gray that had her gritting her teeth.

Her night was so not going to be ruined by a little rain.

She’d spent the better part of an hour browsing the strip, and had come away with more than a few unnecessary items that she’d fallen in love with despite the price tag. The way she looked at it, she’d spent all year carefully counting pennies to ensure she had enough for rent, and books, and food. Why not splurge a little now?

Of course, she’d lost track of time, and had received the text from Mariana five minutes ago wondering where the hell she was. She’d booked it from the store, and was winding her way through the crowded streets on autopilot now. The sudden burst of energy clued her in on the fact she was starving, and her stomach growled so loudly she was surprised no one else heard it.

Being that it was May, and almost the start of the summer, the place was already packed with tourists. Cars lined the streets, and the smell of fried foods and sugary sodas filled the air. It was still brisk enough that the black shorts she’d chosen left her skin breaking out in tiny goose bumps, but she ignored the chill.

Taking a corner too sharply, she sucked in a breath when she slammed into another girl around the same build as her. Except gorgeous.

Her mouth actually gaped a little before she found her composure and blurted out an apology. Her bags were strewn across the ground along with the girls purse, and she quickly stooped to pick up their belongings.

“I’m so sorry,” she repeated, shoving items that had fallen out into the girls purse without really seeing them. “I wasn’t paying attention. I’m really sorry.”

“That’s alright,” the girl said kindly. She’d dropped down next to her and had gathered all of Delaney’s shopping bags. Holding them out to her, she took her purse and stood.

They were about the same height, with the same small shoulder width and long legs. The girls hair was even the same length, however that inky color that Mariana’s was.  Delaney tried not to think about how much better the short-do looked on her. Her eyes were almond shaped, tipped at the outer corners, and the color of spun gold. She was dressed like the average college student, but had smartly worn jeans instead of shorts.

She reached out and rested a hand on Delaney’s shoulder then, giving her another friendly smile before stepping around her to head the way she’d just come. “Enjoy your evening.”

“Um, yeah, you too,” she called after her.

By the time she’d reached the restaurant, she’d put the odd encounter out of her head. Any lingering traces dissipated when she spotted Mariana and her annoyed expression.

“Finally!” Mariana threw her arms up as Delaney took the seat across from her.

The restaurant had seating both indoors and outdoors, and she’d somehow managed to snag one of the five round tables closest to the street. The place was packed with people, so much so that she brushed against the man seated behind her when she slid into the white metal chair and had to apologize to yet another person.

Dropping her bags with a huff, she leaned back and took a deep breath.

“Dramatic much?” Marina teased, then leaned over the edge of the table to glance at the bags. “What’d ya get?” Her dark eyes glimmered.

Shaking her head, she lifted the teal bag from the bunch sliding it across the table. “Don’t worry. I didn’t forget you.”

“How could you?” she joked, then dove at the present like a wild animal. She let out a tiny screech that drew a bit too much attention from their neighbors before hugging the item to her chest. “I love it!”

She’d known she would. When Delaney had spotted the foot tall otter stuffed animal in the corner of one of the shops she’d instantly thought of her. Mariana’s bed was covered in stuffed animals, and she’d always loved otters. It didn’t matter to her that she was eighteen, or that some of their friends teased her for still liking cuddly toys.

Mariana never had trouble being herself, which was one of the things Delaney loved most about her.

Still, she lifted a brow when her friend settled the otter in her lap and placed the bag on the ground at her side.


“Uh, yeah,” Mariana said like she thought she was stupid. “Something this cute cannot be bagged.”

“What about when we hit up the clubs later?” she taunted. “Gonna carry him around then?”

“You changed your mind?!”

“Not about drinking,” she quickly corrected. “But you’re right. We both just finished high school. We deserve to have a little fun.”

“Hell yeah, we do!” She lifted her hand and held it out for a high five. “We are going to have the most badass night imaginable,” she promised.

Read more of this at Swoonreads.com! :)

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Underworld 1-3 Paperback Giveaway! + Prisoner of Glass for FREE

Some of you have probably seen that I've got a new book available up on the Swoonreads.com site titled, Prisoner of Glass. It can be read for FREE on that website, and it's a place where authors post their completed novels in the hopes of garnering enough attention to receive a publishing contract. Seeing as how getting traditionally published has always been my goal/dream, it would really mean a lot to me if you guys could go an check it out!

I want your absolute honest opinions when doing so. :) Yes, the higher my rating and the more positive the comments, the more likely I am to get noticed and chosen by the site runners, HOWEVER, I don't want a crappy book with my name on it out there in the world. If you don't like it, tell me. Honestly. It's ok. That being said, the reason I stress this is because I'm hosting another giveaway, and the way to enter is by reading and rating this book!

The prizes are paperback copies of all three books in the saga so far, that's Unhinged, Unleashed, and Unbound, for one person. Another person has the chance of winning a paperback copy of the third installment, Unbound. I don't give out paperback copies very often, so don't miss this chance!

Again, in order to qualify, you HAVE TO read my book, Prisoner of Glass, on Swoonreads.com. If you're having trouble with their e-reader, feel free to get ahold of me by leaving a comment here below, or messaging me on Goodreads.com. If you do the latter, there's a much better chance of me getting back to you quickly, as I'm on all the time. You then have to leave a rating/comment, an honest one. Don't worry, if you ended up hating it, I won't disqualify you or anything from this giveaway, but you do actually have to read the book. Swoonreads.com is great in that it shows me how many people have actually read start to finish, and it also tells me every time someone rates or leaves a comment.

Leave me your Swoonreads.com user name in the comments section when you sign up, that way I can confirm whether or not you really read.

If you're hesitant to sign up for the site, don't be! It's a great way to read tons of different books for FREE from loads of different authors dabbling in a slew of genres. If you like to read, and I assume if you're here you do, then this is a great site! It's also one that helps authors get noticed, and possibly published!

(For the two E.E.Y winners who are receiving this book in the mail, you already know you who are, don't worry! I stretched out this giveaway so you have enough time to receive your copies in the mail and read them. To enter, just sign on to Swoonreads.com and leave a rating/comment. Don't worry about not reading it on the site. I'll know it's you guys! :) )

Not sure what it's about? Read the blurb in the previous post! Or just click the link below that will lead you straight to the book on Swoonreads, where you can get started!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Prisoner of Glass RELEASE! FREE TO READ!

Prisoner of Glass is available to read for free on Swoonreads.com! Chapters might be made available on Wattpad later on, but for the most part this is only place this book will be available for the next six months! Here's the link, and the working blurb, please go check it out and tell me what you guys think!

For those of you who don't know, Swoonreads.com is a site where authors can publish their completed novel in the hopes of getting chosen for a publishing contract! The more comments/ratings that are left, the more likely they'll check my book out and it can possibly be chosen! This is also a great site to check out other great books for free!

Here's the link where you can go read for FREE:


And here's the blurb:

If anyone had ever asked Delaney Grace what her plans were after high school, she certainly wouldn't have answered, "getting kidnapped". Unfortunately, that's exactly what happens. As if that wasn't enough, turns out the man kidnapping her isn't a local. He's from another planet. In a twisted case of mistaken identity, Delaney is taken to a foreign planet where she's forced to pretend to be an alien princess. If she can pull it off long enough for the real princess to be found, she'll get to go home, if she doesn't, she risks enslaving the entire human race. Tricking the princess's betrothed, Trystan, isn't going to be easy, but not falling for Ruckus, her accidental kidnapper, might be an even bigger feat. Especially when the three of them get caught up in a deadly game of truth or dare. With an alien war brewing, and disingenuous faces at every turn, will Delaney be able to pull off the acting job of a lifetime, or will she ultimately be the cause of a massive war? One the human race most likely won't survive.

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Prisoner of Glass and Bad Things Play Here Book News!

I've mentioned a few times over the past few months that I'd written a sci-fi teen novel! It's almost done going through edits, so I figured I'd finally let you guys know more about it, as well post the cover. As of now, this book is hopefully going to be something I publish directly onto Swoonreads.com. For those of you who don't know, that's a site where people can post their completed teen novels for the chance of being selected to get a publishing deal. That being said, I'd really appreciate it if you guys all took the time to check the book out there when it's done! Every comment, rating, and read matters!

This book, titled Prisoner of Glass, is the first of a two parter, so there will be a second book. It's about aliens and other planets, and takes place in a time on Earth where humans already know of the existence of extra (and ultra) terrestrials. Here's the blurb:

While spending the night out celebrating the end to her senior year, Delaney Grace gets mistaken for a runaway alien princess. Before she can convince the determined, and gorgeous, head of guard that he's got the wrong girl, they're attacked and he whisks her off in a space ship. By the time Ruckus discovers the truth, it's too late, and Delaney is forced to either pretend to be the princess Olena until the real one is found, or doom both of their planets to a devastating war. Unfortunately, in order to pull off the rouse, she'll have to convince Olena's betrothed, Trystan. He's not the type of guy easily manipulated, and it doesn't help that he already hates Olena. Trying to convince him that she's someone else, however, might prove easier than keeping the real her away from Ruckus, and the magnetic pull she has towards him. With an alien war brewing, and disingenuous faces at every turn, will Delaney be able to pull off the acting job of a lifetime, or will she ultimately be the cause of a massive war? One the human race most likely won't survive.

This book will be available within the next few days, so please keep checking back!

In other news, don't forget to head on over to Wattpad to read the first few chapters of a new book I'm working on which takes place in the same universe as Unhinged and Beguiling Trickery! The link can be found in the previous post, or at the bottom of the right sidebar!

I'm going to be looking for reviewers for this book, so please let me know if interested in receiving an ebook copy! Like I said, I'll be posting to Swoonreads where it can be read for free, but personally I sometimes have trouble with their reading device, so if you'd prefer a different form of ebook let me know through my Goodreads.com account! Then link to that can be found all over this blog, or you can simply look me up there! :)

(Those of you waiting on the giveaway prizes, don't worry! I'm just waiting for the hard copies to come in and then they'll be on their way!)

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News! (For lack of a better title)

I'm out of title names again, so that's what we're going with! If you checked my previous post, you know about a few things already, but here's a bit more and another update!

Bone Deep is still currently being offered for FREE on Smashwords.com! Here's the link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/584106

Go grab your copy before it's too late, and then leave a review on Goodreads.com! :) I haven't been promoting this as much as I should, so there aren't really any reviews, and I haven't given many copies out yet, so I really want to know what you guys think about Rogen and Mila's story!

In other news:

I've been posting a few chapters of a new book to Wattpad! Currently there are only two chapters, but I'm planning on posting more as I go. Keep in mind, this means that it's going to be a rough draft, (even the title is rough and might change) but this is a book I hope to post to Swoonreads.com, which is why I'm hoping to pick up some extra readers by posting to Wattpad first. This book takes place in the same universe as the Underworld saga and the Trickster trilogy!  Here's a rough blurb and the (current) title:

Bad Things Play Here:

Piper has always thought of herself as open minded. Of course, everyone has their limits, and finding out that things like Pandora's box and the Underworld are real definitely count as limitations. As if these discoveries weren't enough, turns out she's a descendant of the first, and her brother's currently being possessed by a released soul from the latter. With the help of a Reaper and the Greek god Dionysus—who’s decided to change his name to Reece—Piper needs to find the one possessing her brother, Orpheus, and stop him from opening Pandora’s box. All she wanted was a normal last summer before the craziness of college, but she's not the type of person to sit back while the planet is plunged into darkness. As long as she can somehow manage to keep herself from falling under Reece's distracting spell, saving the world should be easy. Piecing her normal life back together when it's all over? Not so much.
Check it out and let me know what you think! As you can tell from the blurb, we're hanging with another Greek god in this one. ;) Here's the link:

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A few things to start off the new year...

Hope you all had a great New Year! I've been away the past few weeks because of the Christmas rush, and then planning the New Years party I throw every year with my best friend! But I'm back (hopefully) and there is a lot going on!

Firstly, those of you who won the giveaway, don't worry! I'm still gathering all of the prizes together, and now that the holiday season is basically over, the process should speed up.

Secondly, if you're interested in reading my teen book based around Norse Mythology, now is your chance to do so through Goodreads! Here's a link to where it's being offered up as a free R2R. There are only a limited number of copies available, so hurry on over! This book takes place in the same universe as the Underworld saga!!!


Thirdly, there are a few books I've been talking about (or casually mentioning) for a few months now and hopefully at least two of them will come out soon. My book, Bone Deep, was released a little while ago so please make sure to go and check that book out! For the next week, it's actually going to be available for FREE on Smashwords.com!!! Please go grab a copy before it gets set back to its regular price, and be sure to leave a review/rating on Goodreads.com to help other people find the book! ;)


If you haven't read the blurb yet, here it is again:

Mila's lived her whole life with one goal: destroying the upir, and sometimes their lesser evil cousins, vampires. She's fought and trained for almost all of her eighteen years so that she'd be ready to lead the Ouroboros order, a society of hunters that has been around since Dracula was known simply as Vlad the Impaler. She's successfully executed many kills, led hundreds of hunting parties, and honed her abilities as a runemaster. But something's coming, something that even a life like Mila's couldn't prepare her for. Hunters are dropping all around her, and monsters are doing the unheard of. Working together.

Rogen's second life has been about one thing: protecting his people. He's long since accepted his role in the vast supernatural world, and what's more, he's learned to relish in the power. Which is why it pisses him off so much when something shows up announced, screwing with the order of things. With only one option left to him, Rogen undergoes the unthinkable, guising himself as a moroi hunter in the Ouroboros order. There was a time when he respected their services, but having been corrupted some centuries back, his opinion of them has since altered. He's going to have to convince them to join forces if they're ever going to stop whatever's coming. The only problem is, doing so might actually be more impossible than stopping the biggest evil the world's ever seen.

I've got an alien book currently going through editing that I'm hoping to get out there soonish. People who won some of the giveaway prizes have already heard a little about this, as they'll be receiving paperback copies of the book and will be the first ones who get to read it! That being said, I'm hoping to post a little taste of the book here within the next few days, so keep checking back for an excerpt! And if you haven't yet, check out Swoonreads.com to read some of my work for free and possibly help me get published! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Epic End of the Year Release Wave Giveaway Winners!!!!!

Hey guys!

I've been pretty busy this month running around for the holidays, what about you? I still have shopping to do... I suck. Anyway, thanks to everyone who entered/participated in my EEYRW Giveaway! This was a huge giveaway, the largest I've ever done, and also spanned the longest amount of time!

The winners will all be receiving emails as soon as I'm done posting this, so be sure to check to see if you're one of them! ;)

Going over some of my older works, editing and improving them, and will be reposting them soon, so keep checking back to see what's coming out next! Taking a break for the holidays, working on my art and focusing on friends and family, so if you don't hear from me for a week or so that's why!

Hope you all have a fantastic holiday season, whether you're celebrating anything or not!