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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Black Friday is coming!

It's almost Thanksgiving, which means it'll also be Black Friday soon! I don't usually do anything here for that, but this year I decided to mix it up! SO...

I'll be doing Black Friday deals!!!!

Not only will most (if not ALL) of my books be discounted that day (starting Thursday night at 11:59, ending 11:59 Friday night), but I'm also going to try another fun way you can get a good deal. Seeing as how my books aren't expensive anyway, here's a buy one get one offer! It's only eligible for people who purchase one of my books ON BLACK FRIDAY. Then, all you have to do, is send me a copy of the email confirmation OR let me know on my Goodreads.com account through a private message the EXACT purchase time and what the book was, and I'll send you a code to get ANY ONE OF MY BOOKS FOR FREE! You get to choose! So, for example, if you've always wanted to started the Underworld series, buy Unhinged, message me for proof, and then get Unleashed for FREE! Or if you've always wanted to check out something different, like Beguiling Trickery and Within a Dream, buy one,  get the other free! :)

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Because this post talks about everything to come and nothing in the now, here's the second chapter to my NaNoWriMo submission this year (which I'm only a day a head of schedule for for once). Let me know what you guys think!

Also, don't forget to sign up for the MASSIVE GIVEAWAY which actually ends somewhat soon now! It's starting to wind down to the last month so get your entries in before you miss your chance!!!

The Grief Thief: Chapter 2:

Dinner was awkward.

Jean had gone so it was just the two of them, and her mother had made her favorite, mac and cheese. A huge glass pan of it sat in the middle of their rectangular dining room table, only about a third of it missing.

They’d been sitting for near forty-five minutes and only a handful of words had been spoken. Lux tried to come up with something to say, anything, but past thanking her for making dinner, she was blank. Even the gooey cheese and pasta couldn’t help. She ate slowly, forcing herself not to rush through the meal so she could return to her work outside.

She’d sprayed the charcoal drawing with fixative before coming in, but wanted to add another coat just to be safe. The piece was fairly large and she didn’t want to risk any smudges. She wasn’t entirely sure she could recreate it if it got ruined.

If all went well, tomorrow she’d start on the actual sculpture, working the face. She was estimating numbers, trying to figure out how long it would take her to finish, when her mom broke the silence, startling her.

“How’s Sophia?” Her mom kept her gaze downcast, finding intense interest in a particular macaroni.

“Fine,” Lux answered, swallowing her bite.

“I haven’t seen her,” she went on. “With school over, I figured she’d be around more.”

Junior year had ended four days ago, and usually the first week of summer was spent with Lux and her best friend hitting all of the beaches. They’d broken tradition this year, but not for the reasons her mom so clearly feared.

“She’s on a trip,” she explained. “She got into this summer program in Connecticut for marine biology.”

“Oh, how long will she be gone?”

“About three weeks.”

“So she’ll be back in time for you two to enjoy some of the summer at least.”

“Yeah.” Lux didn’t point out how that actually left them more than half the summer, or how she didn’t need her best friend in order to enjoy herself. She didn’t, however, because part of her had to admit that she was lonely and it had to be pretty obvious.

Her mom was only looking out for her. It wasn’t her fault any more than it was Lux’s that they’d never clicked like her and her dad had.

“What about you?” she asked then, forcing her voice to sound more upbeat. “Got any great plans with Jean?”

“Well,” she cleared her throat, “we were thinking about taking a trip to North Carolina.”

Lux paused with her fork halfway to her mouth. For a second the world blurred around her, the soft hum of the refrigerator in the other room taken over by the phantom squeal of tires on slick road. She gripped the metal utensil in her hand tightly enough that it bit into her, fortunately snapping her out of it.

“You and dad’s trip, you mean?” she couldn’t do anything about the wispy way she spoke this time. It was all she could do to hold herself together.

“Yes,” she agreed just as softly. “I already have the days off and the reservations were already made and everything. I figured I’d change the rooms, obviously, but it might be nice to follow through with it.”

Her parents had met in a small quiet town in North Carolina when they’d been twenty-five. According to the two of them, it’d been love at first sight, the gross sort of insta-love that more than two thirds of the population didn’t believe in. It’d been pure coincidence that they’d both been there, her having been passing through with friends on a road trip, him checking out an art gallery.

They’d ended up ditching their friends and staying the week. Afterwards, they’d discovered that they only lived a few hours away, him in New York and her in Rhode Island. He’d moved down less than a month later and that had been that.

Each summer they made the trip back to that same town, and stayed at the exact same hotel. They never missed it, not for as long as Lux could remember. Part of her felt a bit of betrayal in her father’s defense, but the other part understood. Her mom needed to cope in her own way, and it wasn’t fair for her daughter to judge her for it.

She told herself that, anyway, but it was hard to follow through with it.

She wanted to rant and rage and accuse her, biting her tongue until she tasted blood to keep herself from doing so. Still, her mom must have seen her expression because her face tightened up defensively and she straightened in her seat.

“I need this, Lux,” she stated firmly.

They sat in silence for another moment before she gathered enough strength to respond.

“When are you two leaving?”

“Not for another three weeks or so,” she replied. “Chances are Sophia will be back by then. You could always stay at her place like you did last year.”

Lux didn’t like staying home alone, despite loving being alone. It was an oddity her parents had always made fun of her for. She thought about it, but realized that the idea of staying with Sophia didn’t sound as appealing as it once had.

“I’ll be fine,” she shrugged. “I’ve got work to do anyway.”

“You’ll be finished with the sculpture by then, won’t you?” A tear formed in the corner of her mom’s left eye, a sign that all of this talk of her dad was really getting to her.

That was something Lux had gotten from her; her ability to cover up her emotions, to mask over what she was really feeling. As an artist, her father had been so open with his own, but she and her mother wore their skin like armor. It came in handy now, at a time like this, for the both of them.

For a second Lux felt closer to her mother than she had in three months, as if that tiny similarity could bridge the gap between them. Then her mom dropped her fork onto her plate and the harsh clatter jolted her out of the moment, effectively severing it.

“Yeah,” the legs of her chair scrapped against the hardwood floor as she stood after her mom, “I will. But I’ll be onto another project, no doubt.”

“No doubt,” she agreed, a slight smile touching her lips. “I’ve got this, honey. You go do what you want to.”

“Are you sure?”

“Just don’t stay out there too late, it’s still pretty chilly for this time of the year.”

Lux excused herself and left, grabbing her thin dark gray sweatshirt from the coat rack in front of the door as she went. Outside, the moon illuminated the sky, turning the clouds into swirls of glowing white. Stars dotted all around, and she paused on the front steps to stare up at them for a long moment.

She’d never been obsessed with the sky before, too consumed by her art and the tangible things around her she could sculpt, but now she found herself drawn to an aspect of the world she hadn’t been before. She could watch nothing but the sky for hours on end if her memories would let her.

Of course, if she let her mind wander for more than a few minutes, her recollections would assault her, so she was always forced to look away far too quickly for her liking.

Even now, as she turned away and continued towards her studio she regretted it.

She’d opened the garage door, so that her entire space was open to the chilled night air. She could see the yellow light spilling out onto the driveway from the path. She’d left her drawing propped up on an easel in the center of the room, close enough to the opening for the toxic fumes to be released. She’d spray it again then have to return inside for another few minutes to allow these ones to dissipate.

She was already planning out a sketch she’d do in her room while she waited when she turned the corner. And came to a halt beneath the raised door.

There’d only ever been four people in her studio before, including her parents and herself. Sophia had been given permission and often times lounged on the stool at the wooden table watching her work. But that had been it. Her family and her best friend.

Her brain struggled to register the intruder, as if it was too confusing a concept for her to even grasp.

He was tall, the top of his head reaching the top of her easel in fact. His hair was dark brown, slightly curly at the ends and hung just past his ears. His back was too her, and she got a good look at the corded muscles there, just beneath the stretched material of his black t-shirt. He was wearing skinny jeans in the same color, and bright green high top converse.

He was looking at her charcoal piece, staring at it really, and obviously hadn’t heard her approach.

Suddenly, the night around her seemed very cold, the darkness bleak. It was as if the world stretched around her, infinitely vast, terrifying, and her studio was a beacon, filled with warmth and purpose and hope.

Which was ridiculous, and a notion that only managed to piss her off.

“What are you doing?” her harsh tone cut across the expanse between them.

He spun on his heels, the rubber of his soles squeaking. A strand of hair fell over his left eye and he flicked his head to remove it. His expression was sheepish for only about a heartbeat before he switched tactics and was grinning at her.

His eyes reminded her of freshly brewed coffee, warm and inviting. She got the distinct impression he was trying to cover up his embarrassment at being caught.

“Hey,” his voice was smooth, “sorry. I saw you out here earlier and got curious.” He motioned across the street towards the large two story light blue house, as if she didn’t know where he came from.

The last time they’d spoken, she was six. A few kids had laughed at her for stumbling during a summersault and he’d come to her defense. She’d had a crush on him for months after that, but he’d quiet gymnastics shortly after, cutting any ties between them. Despite the fact they were neighbors, they both tended to spend their time doing their own thing, as opposed to hanging outside.

Being that he was also a year older than she was, they never had the same classes at school so…aside from that one moment, there’d never been any friendship between them. Which was what made his sudden appearance so strange.

“This is really good,” he stepped to the side, exposing her drawing at his back. When it became painfully clear she wasn’t going to respond he licked his lips and rocked on his heels. “I’ve seen some of your stuff around school. You’re really talented.”

“Thanks.” Somehow, the single word managed to break her out of it and she crossed her arms over her chest then, summoning more of that initial annoyance.

If he noticed the change he ignored it, instead turning back to her drawing. “So what was that you were doing?” He moved his hand in front of it, mimicking her earlier movements.

“Spraying it with fixative,” she answered, heaving out a sigh. Clearly he didn’t intend on going any time soon. Stepping up to the other side, she felt a renewed rush of pride at how well it’d turned out. “It’s to keep the charcoal from smudging.”

“That’s pretty cool,” he said, nodding his head. “Sorry, I don’t know anything about art. Guess I probably should have kept my curiosity to myself, huh?”

For some reason, she found herself wanting to ease his embarrassment.

“No, it’s fine,” she rolled her blue eyes towards the high beamed ceiling. “You just caught me off guard, that’s all. Sorry I was so rude.”

“Hey if someone invaded my space I’d probably react the same way,” he told her. “I mean it though, this is really good. I always see you out here. This is pretty intense.” He moved then, circling the studio, eyeing everything hanging on the walls and cluttering the shelves and workbenches.

She felt his interest as if it were directed at her personally, and she supposed, in a way it was. This was more than just her space, it was her. She put so much of herself into her art, and what’s more, there was so much of her father here as well.

“My dad did that one,” she found herself saying when he’d stopped in front of a two feet tall sculpture of a dog. “I asked him for a beagle one year after watching Shiloh and this was what he came up with.”

“Nice,” he chuckled. “All I got when I asked for a dog as a kid was a ‘yeah, right’ from my parents.” For a second it looked as if he wanted to say more, but then he was moving on, past the sculpture towards a mural painted on the fair right wall.

It took up half of it, and depicted the ocean filled with tons of different types of sea creatures. She’d done it when she’d first gotten the studio, and the paint was a little pale and chipping towards the edges of the walls.

Lux wrung her hands as she watched his eyes trail from the starfish in the corner up towards the beluga breaching the surface at the top. It’d taken her almost three hours to complete that one whale, and she’d been so proud of it afterwards.

“I’m thinking of redoing it,” she blurted.

She’d been thinking about it for a couple of months now, and hadn’t told anyone yet.

“Into what?” he asked, pulling his gaze away from the mural so he could look at her. There was no judgment there, and he didn’t say what she knew her mom’s response would be: don’t.

“I haven’t settled on an idea for certain yet,” she told him, “but I was thinking something to do with the sky. Maybe birds. Or the stars.”

“Either would be cool.” He turned back to the wall, as if imagining it different. “Yeah, that’d be really cool. Revamp the space.” He glanced back at her. “I’m always redoing my room. Moving my amps around and whatnot. Sometimes a new view is the best inspiration. You know what I mean.”

“Yeah,” she smiled, “I do.”

They stared at each other, both smiling for a long pause. A breeze blew in, ruffling the ends of his hair, causing goose bumps to break out over her skin.

His phone chimed in his back pocket and he glanced away, tugging the device out, already heading towards the open door. His fingers typed away furiously as he went, carefully avoiding walking into any of her easels or paint cans without having to look away from the screen.

“Gotta run,” he told her then, shoving the phone back into his pocket. “Thanks for letting me look around.”

“Any time.” She had no clue why she said that.

He grinned and waved and she watched him disappear down the drive and cross the street to his house. He didn’t go inside, instead getting onto his motorcycle. He waved again as he was speeding away and she found herself lifting her hand to wave back.

What had just happened?

She turned to find the eyes of her charcoal drawing staring straight at her.

“So that was Wyeth,” she told it, as if the paper had actual ears and could understand her. She clapped her sweaty palms hard against her thighs. “Right.”

Lifting the can of fixative off the side table, she sprayed the drawing down and darted back inside. It wasn’t until she was safely sequestered into the confines of her room that she realized he hadn’t done the thing that every single person she encountered over the past few months had.

He hadn’t asked how she was holding up.






Sunday, November 15, 2015

Halfway Through NaNo...+Funko Pop Collectors?

...and I've basically been crawling this whole time. :( This is the first year I haven't doubled what the daily goal is. I've just been crazy busy juggling all of these other things, so unfortunately my writing has taken a massive hit. What about you guys? Any of you doing it this year? Having writers block or whatnot? Wishing I'd stop talking about NaNo and go back to letting you know about releases? ;) Well, like I said, this month is all about NaNoWriMo. Thought I'd have time to edit my dystopian, Know Thyself, but it really doesn't look like that's going to happen anymore. If you guys haven't yet, check out the book that was released last month, Bone Deep. That should hold you over until I'm able to get one of the dozen other projects I'm working on finished. I've got a lot of sequels coming up, an remember the third book in the Underworld Saga was just released as well! Catch up before the fourth installment is out (though that won't be until sometime next year, admittedly). If you want to read the first chapter of my NaNo book this year, check the post below! :)

My Epic End of the Year Release Wave Giveway is still in effect! You're running (sort of) out of time to enter so be sure to do so by following the page link at the top left sidebar! There are tons of ways to enter, and even a few ways you can enter daily in order to increase your chances of winning. So far, the favorite prize packs seem to be the Underworld one and the Tempest Fan Kit. Be sure to let me know which you'd prefer IF you won when you enter! If you don't do this, you will be disqualified. :( It's just not fair to the people who followed the rules.

Seeing as how it'll be a while anyway, let's add a little fun (seeing as how all of my past posts have been about NaNo)! What would you guys like to see happen in the fourth and final book of the Underworld Saga? Earn another entry into the giveaway by answering! ;)

Lastly, in news completely unrelated to writing at all, any of you Funko Pop collectors?! I am (I have 217...yikes) If you are, or you're interested in maybe starting a collection of your own, then follow this link below to get 5% off your first PopInaBox!


Friday, November 6, 2015

The Grief Thief: Chapter 1: NaNoWriMo:

It's NaNoWriMo, guys! Super excited, even though I've been CRAZY busy so far this month so haven't had nearly enough time to write. Usually I've got double the words I have by this point so I'm a bit annoyed with myself. :/ Any of you sign up? We can be buddies, just add me: TempestChani .

Decided to try something new to maybe help motivate myself to work a bit harder to stay ahead (because merely keeping up with the daily goal line is so not good enough for me. I like to set high standards for myself ;) ). Posting the first chapter of the book I'll be working on this NaNo, titled, The Grief Thief. Maybe I'll eventually delete this, maybe I won't. Who knows? But it'd be cool to hear what you guys think, so feel free to comment below letting me know! :) Usually I'd set up a separate page for something like this, but figured, why not go for it and make it a post?

Please note: this material IS copyrighted so do NOT steal my work. Plagiarism is a crime, and seriously, it's messed up.

For those of you who haven't checked out my NaNo account (which can be found here: http://nanowrimo.org/participants/tempestchani/novels ) here's the ROUGH blurb for the book, and as another side note, please keep in mind that this is all rough material. I haven't gone through it with a fine toothed comb and there may or may not be one or two errors, other things that will later be altered/changed/deleted in the final editing process. Just figured I'd let you know. :) Here's the blurb and the first chapter! Hope you enjoy!


The sound of shattering glass...

Lux Banning is haunted by a single night. Her only escape is through art, the sculpting her father taught her, the passion they both shared before everything changed. Her grief has driven her into a network of internal tunnels, all leading to one goal: finishing the sculpture her father never got to.
Wyeth Cooper is never going to be good enough. Even though he's booked gigs all over the state, his parents still don't believe in him, or his music. When the girl across the street loses her father, he watches her cave in on herself, that loneliness he's so familiar with festering within her. So he finally gathers up enough courage to talk to her.

But then she finishes her sculpture, and something strange happens. The statue comes to life. Together, the three of them navigate the tremulous waters of growing up, dealing with grief, acceptance, and self discovery. At the end of the summer, will Lux finally be able to let that night go, or will she give up the one person who might truly understand her?

* * *
The sound of glass shattering.
She slammed the curve of her palate knife down, slashing a huge chunk of clay off the six by six square slab she’d cut this morning.
Tires squealing and the smell of burnt rubber, thick and suffocating, permeating the air.
Tossing the access into the scrap pile to her right, she made another swipe, angling the metal blade at the last second, effectively creating a half circle across the top of the clay. She rubbed the back of her hand across her left cheek, smearing tan colored remnants across her pale skin.
Around her, the heavy notes of Linkin Park, One Step Closer, blared, practically shaking the glass cups filled with various art tools lining the walls. Her parents had insulated this space three years ago when they’d realized she—like her father—preferred working to music. Of course, back then, she wouldn’t have blasted it loud enough to quake the ground. But things had changed.
A scream—hers, his, she still didn’t know. A crunching sensation as the light blue SUV tipped onto its side.
The walls had originally been pure white, but now paint splattered in certain areas, and past works hung in random sections. Corners were taken over by completed sculptures, some as small as cats, others life size pieces of differing stages of skill level. The first time she’d held a palette knife had been when she was ten.
That weightless feeling as the car rolled downwards, tumbling over from side to side, her seatbelt cutting into the tender flesh of her neck.
Her breathing elevated and she pushed harder, forcing herself to block out the memories and concentrate on the slab of clay before her. This wasn’t the project she wanted to be working on, but she refused to touch his piece—his last piece—until she was certain where she was going to take it.
He’d left most of it unfinished, having done only the outline of a male torso at the time. She needed to define things, bring them out. The statue was clearly of a man, standing tall and proud, with broad shoulders. But her father hadn’t had the chance to complete it. To take it further than that.
Generally, he sketched all of his works out beforehand, but he must have decided to just go with the flow on this one. Try as she might, she simply couldn’t find any notes on the sculpture, had no clue what he’d intended the  likeness to actually look like. Had he been meant to be a man? A fit boy?
She’d decided last night that she preferred the latter, a decision that had taken her now three months to come up with.
The coldness in her limbs, and the restriction of her lungs. Strangled breathing. Blurred vision. The sight of red dripping downwards, pooling below her. Numbness turning to pain. Darkness turning to flickering orange and yellow light.
A sudden burst of heat as something behind her caught fire.
With a frustrated heave she tossed the palette knife onto the table with a loud clatter. It hit and slid, dropping to the floor and pinging. She ran her hands through her sandy blonde hair, scooping it out of her face, ultimately smearing more clay across her scalp and through the thick strands.
The flashbacks were normal, she’d been told, as were the crippling panic attacks that followed. She could feel one rising to the surface, closed her eyes and willed it away. She was standing in the middle of her studio, at home. Safe.
She gulped on some air and quickly ran over to switch the music off. The immediate silence was more deafening than the angry sound of Linkin Park had been, and she bolted, letting the wooden door slam shut behind her.
Outside the sun was bright, casting its warming rays down on the vibrant green grass and the flowers her parents had planted around the front of the house last year. Most had sprung back to life, returning to their full beauty without needing any help from her moms green thumb. Gardening had always been her mother’s vice, the same as art had been her dad’s.
Their large garage had been split into two, the side closest to the house being her father’s studio, the one farthest her own. The whole thing used to be his, but he’d separated it as a gift for her thirteenth birthday, stating that it was time for her to have her own space as an artist. She could still remember the awe she’d felt when she’d stepped inside, that euphoric feeling that, to this day, she didn’t think could ever be rivaled.
Now, she passed by the closed second garage, resisting the urge to glance through the four glass windows within. Her father’s unfinished piece sat inside, waiting for her. Collecting dust until she could gather up the courage to complete it.
The garage was separate from the white ranch style house, and the driveway attached to a white cobblestone path that wound its way through the foliage all the way to the front porch. The heels of her yellow converse—splattered in paint blotches from frequent wear while working—clapped against the three steps leading up.
The screen door squeaked and when she entered the house the smell of lilacs hit her. Her mom loved them, and always attempted to litter the house with them. She made a beeline for the kitchen, passing by the living room and the hallway that led to the bedrooms. Low voices reached her before she was halfway there and she gritted her teeth, already bracing herself.
Her mom was sitting at the round kitchen table with her friend Jean. She was a willowy woman with dark auburn hair that fell to her elbows. Her eyes were a soft gray, wide and all too insightful. With a glance she had the ability to pick out a dozen harrowing details about a person. It was unnerving, and being her child, annoying.
Try getting away with anything when your parent could see through you like glass.
“Hi, firefly,” her mom’s voice had a lilt to it still, despite having left her native Ireland at the young age of fifteen.
She mumbled a hello and pulled out a bottle of orange juice from the fridge. Because they had company, she opted to grab a glass from the top shelf, filling it to the brim then downing it in a matter of seconds.
“How have you been, Lux?” Jean asked. Her gorgeous coffee colored skin was a sharp contrast to the otherwise lightly colored room. Her long black hair hung like silk around her shoulders, and she was still one of the most beautiful women in town, even at the age of forty-one.
“Fine,” she managed, dropping the glass into the sink.
“How’s the sculpture coming?” her mom rushed on when it was clear she was about to make an exit.
She paused in the doorway and barely contained an annoyed sigh. “Poorly.”
Her mom glanced away and she felt a rush of guilt.
“I’m going upstairs to work on some sketches,” she added, gentling her voice. She even managed to force a half smile. “I’ll see you later. Bye, Jean.”
She wished that she and her mom could communicate better. In truth, she couldn’t remember if this was a new development, their lack of things to say, or if it was a byproduct of what they’d been through. Every time she tried to recall the past, all she got were snippets of her father, and then the flashbacks would start up and she’d be lost at sea.
Things were too hard to grasp right now, too dull and murky. The only thing she could really focus on was her art, and she threw herself into it with even more passion than she had prior to the accident. Which was saying a lot, considering she’d been accused of being a workaholic many times before.
Her room was clear across the house, putting enough distance between her and her mom for her to feel comfortable. Inside the walls were covered in art, be it prints of famous works she liked, or sketches/finished pieces done by either her or her father. Not a single inch of the mint green walls could be seen now.
Her bed was across from the door, a queen size with a comforter the same color of the walls and a headboard made of twists of silver metal. Silver leaves sprouted from the curves, like vines. Her father had made it for her.
On either side were small bookshelves that doubled as end tables, the two shelves stuffed with art books. She’d arranged them from tallest to shortest all the way across so that the case to the right of the bed held all the smallest ones. They were painted white, much like the wooden desk tucked into the left hand corner at the side of the doorway. Another door leading to a small walk-in closet was in the opposite corner.
She dropped onto her bed and reached over the edge lifting her easel off the ground. There was already a large piece of watercolor paper stuck to it, and on the top of the bookshelf now at her right was an array of charcoal materials.
Used to be she’d only work in pencil on her bed, too afraid to mare the bedspread, but she’d since stopped caring of such things, and now went to work with a vigilance.
She envisioned the sculpture out in the studio, the curve of the “skull” her father had already started. Without much preamble, her hand picked up a charcoal pencil and began moving rhythmically over the page, all the while her mind searching for a hidden image.
The sound of glass…
Now that she was actually focused on what she was doing, the memories faded to the background, nothing more than fuzzy pressure at the base of her skull.
There was a scar on the side of her left wrist that hadn’t been there three months ago, a sweep that trailed from the middle of her thumb down towards the center of her wrist. She’d cut it on a broken twist of metal from the passenger’s side door when she’d been pulled from the car. She was no stranger to scars; both hands were covered in nicks from the constant use of sharp sculpting tools.
This one, however, was different. It served as a constant reminder of the worst night of her life. Of everything that she’d lost.
Her father had been her best friend. If everyone only got one person in the world, he’d been hers. They’d been close from the beginning, a bond solidified when she’d turned three and first began showing an interest in art. It might have started out more as an interest in spending time with him, a child’s need to be close to their parent, but it’d developed into more.
Art was her life. She lived it, breathed it, dreamed. It’d quickly turned into the most important thing to her, the glue that tied her and her dad to one another. How many hours had they spent in his studio? Sometimes they worked together, other times separately but sharing the same space. They’d had a million conversations there, private things that she wouldn’t tell anyone else.
He’d understood her in a way no one ever had, and she was certain no one ever would again. Now he was gone, and she was lost. Art was the only thing still tethering her, and she clung to her charcoals, paints, and clay blobs for dear life.
Her mom didn’t get it. She didn’t think it was healthy. But then, her love for art had never even come close to rivaling that of Lux and her father.
There’d been a spark in her father, a light that drew people in, made them want to stay. Sometimes, when she’d been younger, she’d attempted to emulate it while out at the store or at school. She was pretty sure she always failed.
Popularity had never been her strong suit. It’d never been something she’d cared about though. She spent most of her time working in the art studio at school or sketching in the margins of her notebooks during classes. She had laser like focus, and up until now, she hadn’t had a problem with that.
Her dad always tried to convince her to make more friends, had always said that she’d need people because one day he wouldn’t be around. She’d always brushed him off.
Now she regretted it.
Her mom was grieving in her own way, there was no doubt about that, but they were so  different. And now Lux was alone.
Her best friend, Sophia, couldn’t give two shits about art, leaving her with no one to share her love with, to talk to about her work. Her passion. She felt utterly empty whenever she broke out of her bubble long enough to notice the bustling world around her. Before, she’d been gifted with the ability to find beauty anywhere, now when she looked around, all she saw was loneliness.
Even knowing her father could never be replaced, she’d found herself pouring all of her longings into the statue he’d left unfinished. When she’d sculpted the legs, she’d been thinking of someone strong enough to hike with her, all while carrying art gear so they could draw when they reached the top. During the making of arms, she’d envisioned arms banded around her, tugging her close, solid like steel.
She’d placed way too many details into his hands, especially considering those sorts of things usually weren’t done until the end as finishing touches. She’d painstakingly scratched out every line, even creating the tiny swirls of finger prints. Originality had been her goal here, making something real, tangible.
She knew he wasn’t real, that the statue would still be a statue at the end of the day, no matter how many lifelike details she added. But that only fueled her flame. She was determined to make this the best piece she’d ever done.
The contours of his abs had been especially daunting. She’d spent a week alone working on that. Smoothing out the clay in eight bumps for an eight pack. Admittedly, she’d gone a little overboard when it’d come to working on his manly bits. She’d gone against the more traditional small parts, instinctually making her sculpted man well endowed.
Her therapist had said it was more than likely due to the residual anger she still felt about the accident.
The curve of his back: thinking about someone with grace. The globes of his ass: someone who looked good in a pair of low slung jeans. Her father had already made him tall, the stature towering over her at least six inches, but she’d made sure to give him a longish neck.
All that was left was his head—or rather, his face—and on that she was stuck. She’d already done a dozen sketches and tossed them all. It had to be just right. Her first few attempts had been of an older gentleman, as that was the direction she assumed her father had intended. Then she’d changed direction, creating a younger model, then another, and another. None seemed to be right, and she refused to touch the actual sculpture again until she had it perfect.
She turned her thoughts on what she found attractive, what she’d want in a boy. Truthfully, she’d never had a boyfriend, couldn’t be bothered to waste the time that could be spent on art. Now, thinking about it, she imagined someone with almond shaped eyes, exotic. Her gaze trailed upwards for a split second, catching a view of the beautiful summer day outside.
Blue eyes, like the calm sky. Comforting, and filled with understanding. Eyes that would see through her, understand her. Grip her and hold her.
He’d have an aristocratic nose, like the ancient sculptures found in museums. A testament to his artistic abilities, because of course, he’d be brilliant and talented. His mouth had to be full, kissable, for all the times words weren’t enough to ease her grief. For all the times that even talk of art failed to distract her.
Not that she’d be making out with a statue, but still. The more she thought of it, the more fun she began to have. He’d have a sharp jaw line, a smooth chin, ears that curved outwards slightly. As an added bonus, she added stud earrings in the shape of tiny stars. She made them very small, so that unless someone was standing a few feet away, they would merely look like regular stud earrings, not girly at all.
Because he wouldn’t be girly, not butch by any means, but not girly. He’d be passionate, and inquisitive. He’d seek out knowledge, would love spending time pouring over books with her, delving into the classics and absorbing all the art history ones Sophia called stuffy.
She paused when it came time to add his hair, unsure how she wanted it done. On the one hand, it needed to be long enough for him to sweep aside while lost in thought, on the other, not long enough to be the cliché ponytail. She settled on a length that curved slightly around his ears.
Her eyes caught the curve of her scar, followed it all the way down to her wrist. His hair would be red, she decided instantly. Like copper, that shiny shade that everyone called ginger. The taste of blood the look of pennies.
The sound of glass shattering.
She shoved the flashback away vehemently, extending her arms to take a look at the sketch she’d completed. Her eyes widened at what she saw, mouth opening slightly in surprise.
He was beautiful. More than. Without thought, she’d curved his lips into a closed mouth smirk. False light sparkled in his eyes, ones that stared at her from the page as if alive. Shadows played over his face, highlighting the swirls of his slightly curly hair, the curve of his jaw. The length of his neck which faded off the end of the page. He looked the same age as her, maybe a year older.
This was it.
He was it.
With renewed vigor, she unfolded from the bed, grabbing the can of fixative off of her dresser before heading back outside.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Giveaway Glimpse #1!

I mentioned in my initial post that I'd be posting pictures of some of the prizes for the E.E.Y.R.W giveaway!!! Here's the first one, showcasing pieces of a few different prize packs! I might eventually post pictures of completed prize packs, haven't decided yet. Remember there's still time to enter! You can either do so in the entry form below or head over to the specific page for it on the top left sidebar! :) There's more than one way to enter, and even options that allow you to enter multiple times a day! Just be sure to leave a note or comment letting me know which prize pack you would like if you do end up winning!

Here's a taste of the prizes, the paperback copy of Unhinged, one of the sticker sets (only some of the stickers are visible), and origami birds!

There's still TONS more, like jewelry, bookmarks, notebooks, more paperbacks, etc.! Be sure to enter! :)

Sidenote: Any of you planning on checking out NaNoWriMo this year? I posted about it directly below this one, so read it if you're interested to find out how we can become buddies on the site! It's an awesome way to see what I'll be doing during the month of November, check up on my writing (maybe even read a sample) and monitor my progress! It's also a great way for you guys to try your hand at writing! It's loads of fun and there are prizes at the end if you meet the 50,000 word count! Even if you don't, it's worth participating. I always love it!

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Friday, October 30, 2015

NaNoWriMo This Year?

Any of you doing NaNoWriMo this year (National Novel Writing Month)? If you don't know about it, it's an event that lasts the entire month (obvi) of November. The goal is to write 50,000 words between the 1st and the 30th. There are loads of helpful forums, countdowns, and even fun events that take place all over the country.

It's a great opportunity to try your hand at writing and/or start that novel you've been putting off forever! ;) I've participated for the past four years, and am always really excited when it starts! If you do join, you can add me to your buddy lists! My ID is TempestChani and here's a link to the book I'll be doing this month: http://nanowrimo.org/participants/tempestchani/novels/the-grief-thief

The website is www.nanowrimo.org for those of you interested!

In other news, don't forget about the massive giveaway still going on!!!! Don't miss out on your chance to win paperback copies ands tons of other cool stuff! :) Enter by following the link above (the banner) or clicking on the page at the top left sidebar!

And remember to check out my new book, Bone Deep! The link can be found a few posts down! :)

Looking forward to checking out some of your guys stuff if you do end up doing NaNo! Please join my buddy list! It'll be loads of fun! ;)

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Uncanny Quarry Round Robin!!!

Hey guys! So I've been mentioning the scavenger hunt for a little bit now! In case you haven't yet checked out the official site, here is what's said on the about page:

Join us for a week of fun and prizes! Find your next great read! It’s a scavenger hunt that will introduce you to new authors and amazing stories.
Uncanny Quarry is a literary scavenger hunt primarily focused on authors who write paranormal and fantasy stories. It will take place October 18th-25th, 2015. The event will be hosted on Facebook.
Throughout the week of the hunt, scavengers will be asked questions that they will have to answer about each author/blogger and their books. The answers to the questions can be found at the author or blogger’s site. Links will be provided with the questions. Watch for the blue Uncanny Quarry lantern on participating sites. 
There are 37 authors and 2 bloggers providing questions and clues for the hunt. On each of the first 7 days of the hunt, questions from 5 authors will be released. Scavengers will have to go to those authors’ sites and find the answers. Write down all the answers because on the last day of the hunt, the last 4 sets of questions will be released and then a link will be posted leading to a Google form. The form will have one question from each author/blogger. The first person to fill out the form with all the correct answers will win the grand prize. There will also be a 2nd and 3rd prize for the next two people to submit a complete and correct form.  If no one gets all the correct answers, then the winners will be based on the most correct answers. ** 
Some days all of the authors’ questions will be posted on the Facebook event page. Other days there will be a Round Robin. That means that the first of five author’s questions will be posted on the Facebook page. When scavengers arrive at the first author’s site they will find a link to the 2nd author’s site. So scavengers will have to look for the links to all the authors’ sites as they look for answers on each author’s page.
The second author for today’s Round Robin of Uncanny Quarry is Lisa Barry. Here are her questions.
1. Go to www.amazon.com and find The Guardians by Lisa Barry. Open the “Look Inside” and go to Chapter 5. Read the first two paragraphs. What coffee was ordered?
2.  Go to Lisa’s Author Page (Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/Lisa-Barry or Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Lisa-Barry/e/B00A1C8AUO/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_4?qid=1443300123&sr=8-4) and read her Bio. Who listens carefully when Lisa reads aloud?
3.  Go to Lisa’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AuthorLisaBarry?fref=nf). In the image at the top, what is the tag line?

Here's the link to her site: https://authorlisabarry.wordpress.com/2015/10/20/welcome-uncanny-quarry-scavenger-hunt-time/ 

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Who doesn't like free stuff?

We've hit over 20,000 hits here!!! Thanks a ton to everyone who's stopped by, read one of my books, checked out the other pages here, etc.! As a thank you, I'm listing all of the events currently going on where you can get one of my books (or more cool stuff) for free! :)

As an added bonus, I'm adding a FREE ENTRY option into the E.E.Y.R.W Huge Giveaway!!!! This will only be active for a limited time AND those who do leave a comment letting me know which prize pack they'd like to win are MUCH more likely to actually do so! You can enter by following the link below to the specific page for the giveaway, where you can also check out the prize packs and other ways to win, or you can enter at the bottom of this post! :) Remember, this is a massive giveaway for paperbacks, ebooks, jewelry, notebooks, bookmarks, stickers, etc.! Here's the main link: http://tempestchani.blogspot.com/p/eeyrw-huge-giveaway-details.html

Here's a list of all the other ways you can read something for free:

There are two R2R's active on Goodreads right now! One for Unhinged, and another for Within a Dream! Click on the links below to go sign up and receive your copies now!

Unhinged: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/17525613-r2r-47---unhinged-by-tempest-c-avery-readers-needed

Within a Dream: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/17530879-r2r-49---within-a-dream-by-tempest-c-avery-readers-needed

OR HERE: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/17517399-within-a-dream-paranormal-r2r

My new book, Bone Deep, is available for purchase on Smashwords.com, where it can be read on any eReading device! Here's the link for that again: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/584106

Anyone interested in review copies, please contact me through my Goodreads.com account! The link to that is all over this blog! :)

And for all you Underworlders, remember the third book, Unbound came out last month! Purchase your copy here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/577903


It's mentioned over on the right side bar that I'm going to be partaking in this big end of October event along with some other great authors! For more information, click on the picture of the lantern at the top right, which will bring you directly to the main sight! It's going to be a really fun scavenger hunt that will introduce you to new authers, and new blogs, so be sure to come back here on October 20th to check out my post! This will be the second stop on the hunt, the first of which can be found on the main site and the main sites Facebook page!

NaNoWriMo starts soon!!!! I've already got my account set up and the info for my new book up there! :) Any of you participating this year?! I might end up doing a cover reveal and sharing the first chapter so check back! ;)

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