Tuesday, May 24, 2016

follow me on instagram!!! :) + beta readers?

Hi guys,

I know it's been a while (almost a month) since I've last posted! I've been pretty busy with all of this prep work for getting published, trying to complete another project before I get the next round of edits in from my editor, and organizing all of my stuff (like my books)! Last month I announced that I'm going to be published through Swoon Reads, and I am still super excited about this!!! The best way to find information about my upcoming book through them is by joining the site, Swoonreads.com, and checking out blog posts, etc. It's a great site with a lot of great authors and opportunities for you to be introduced to someone new to read!

The book that's getting published was formally known as Prisoner of Glass, but has recently gotten a new title. I'd tell it to you, but I don't want to spoil anything and would rather wait a bit. :) I'm evil like that.

Anyway, the true purpose for this post is to let you all know that while I'm a bit too busy to post a ton here on the blog, I will be posting more and more on my instagram account. I do also have a Twitter, but I'm not on often and plan on using that more closer to next year when the book is being released.

Links to all of these accounts are in the About Me section which can be found at the top left of this blog. However, to make it easier, here is my instagram handle: @TempestChani

I LOOOVE following book accounts so if you are one I might end up following you back!

Fair warning, I post a lot of pictures of animals (especially my two cats), books, and the outdoors (when I can be bothered to put down my laptop or current read to venture into the world, that is). The photo above is not one that I took. It's a stock image from fotolia I purchased eons ago and never used so figured I might as well here. I plan on posting more about my writing, what I'm currently doing with it, etc. as time goes on. Like mentioned above, between edits I'm working on a new book!

It's one I've tried to write about half a dozen times and always end up hating and giving up on fifty or so pages in. Not this time! I'm happy to say that I'm about 3/4ths done with it this time! I'm going to be going over it once it's done and doing some quick rough edits, then I'll have one or two beta readers check it out before I decide if it's ready to be queried about.

That being said, if you're interested in helping me out and being a beta, let me know in a comment here or on my Goodreads.com page! I already have one (hi, Amanda!) so am really only looking for one or two more people. Keep in mind this is going to be a super secret project, and only the three people I give rough first drafts to will be reading it. I don't intend to self publish this any time soon, and actually hope to start looking into getting it traditionally published as well. :)

This first book series is going to be keeping me pretty busy the rest of the year, so I'm really hoping I can get this new book done and reviewed within the next few months or so before I get crazy busy writing the second book in what was once called the Glass Skies trilogy. Obviously, this is no longer the name, however, for lack of anything to call it in this immediate post that's what you're getting lol. It's better than merely saying, that thing with three books I'm writing, right?

Ok, maybe not.

Sorry this has been a long one, guys! Not sure when I'll be getting back on to post again. Check out my instagram as suggested in order to keep better up to date with everything going on, or, you know, just to see a couple of cute felines and a lot of novels. That works too. ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I'm getting published!!!

Hi Guys,

I'm so excited to tell you all the amazing news! Swoon Reads is publishing one of my books!!!!!!!! I just want to thank every single one of you that took the time to read my work, whether it was this one specifically or not! You guys helped me get here and I'm so grateful for all of the feedback, critiques, and ratings you guys have given!

I also really want to thank Swoon Reads and their team for seeing something in my books they believe worthy of publication! This is seriously a dream come true and I can't wait for you guys to be able to read the book once it's gone through editing and available in stores!

Swoon Reads is great because they're so hands on with the process! Eventually you guys will all be able to help pick a cover, which I can't wait for! The book that's been chosen is Prisoner of Glass (but a title change is in the works). If you haven't yet read the book, you still have the chance to check it out for a limited time on Swoon Reads.

In case any of you are interested in reading the announcement post, here it is: https://swoonreads.com/blog/announcing-our-seventh-list-strings-nikki-katz-somebody-i-used-know-jennifer-honeybourn-prisoner-glass-chani-l-feener-and-big-f-maggie-ann-martin/

Again, I am so excited to be joining this amazing team, and can't wait to check out the books of the other authors who've been chosen for publication!

I recently added a new page to the blog that links all of my social media sites. You can find all of them on the About the Author page. If you guys don't already, please follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads.com. I'm going to try and start using Twitter (now that I actually have interesting things to Tweet about), but I already use Instagram fairly often.

Once more, thank you to everyone who's stuck with me over the years (especially you #1 fan Amanda!!!!) and has helped me get here! Getting traditionally published and being able to walk into big book stores like Barnes and Noble and seeing my book on the shelf has been a dream of mine since I was 9 years old, and I could never have made it happen without all of the support I've gotten from the indie author community and all of my readers!!!!


I'll be keeping you all posted with news as I go through this process, so please keep checking back!

If you're interested, there's also an author interview that's been posted at Swoon Reads, here:


Monday, April 4, 2016

The Underworld Saga + Unbound DISCOUNT!

Keep reading to get a coupon code so you can get the third book for only $0.99!!!!

Hey guys!

Working on the fourth and final installment of the Underworld saga, Unabated, so figured I'd do a reminder post for all of you who haven't get gotten around to the second or third book (or even the first one)! I've included links and cover art to all three, including a link to the FREE short story that I posted up on Wattpad! The link is on the right sidebar! Side note on this: if you haven't yet read Unhinged, I'd suggest waiting before reading the short story, as it's basically a major scene from the first book told in Hadrian's POV. It will contain spoilers so you have been warned. ;)

Just want to make sure everyone checked out my previous post! Most of my accounts have now been altered, along with book covers etc. to say my real name on them Chani Lynn Feener, so remember if you're looking for any of my future work it will be under this name and NOT THE PENNAME TEMPEST C. AVERY!!!!!! That's important! :)

For now, the prices on these books are low, but I might end up changing them in the near future so grab your copies now!!!


Currently $0.99!!!!!!!

Spencer Perry lost everything the day her boyfriend died. Even when he came back as a ghost, she was never able to return to her old self. Determined to find a way to bring both of them back--him from the dead and her from her depression--Spencer hops a ride with a Reaper across the river to the Underworld where she meets the god of the dead. Hadrian isn't what she expected Hades to be like, but when he agrees to a deal that can get her Micah back, she puts all caution aside and accepts. Too bad she didn't realize that she'd also just accepted a lot more then one gorgeous yet frustrating god. Bad things are happening all around her, and now she not only has to worry about keeping Micah's ghost status a secret from their friends, but also figure out who's behind all of the accidents. All signs point towards Hadrian, but something about that just doesn't feel right to her. Something that she hopes has nothing to do with her growing attraction towards him.


Currently $1.99!!!!

It's been three months since Spencer Perry first made her deal with the god of the Underworld-a year of her spending nights below in exchange for the life of her boyfriend Micah. Now with Micah back, making those promised trips to hang with Hadrian-better known as Hades-has gotten even more complicated. Not to mention the fact that an evil Persephone is hell bent on releasing malicious spirits on the world. And on Spencer. The threat forces her to spend more time with the god, and less time with Micah, igniting feelings within her that leave her guilty and confused. How could she be falling for Hadrian when she's always believed that Micah was her soul mate? The clock on their deal is ticking down, but with every second Persephone gets more and more restless with lying in wait. In the end, the only way through the evils of the Underworld might be for Spencer to give into her true feelings. No matter who that ends up being for.


Currently $2.99!!! BUT only $0.99 with this coupon code:


It's been six months since Spencer made the deal with the god of the Underworld: a year of spending nights below. Now that she's finally given into her feelings for Hadrian, she hopes her second life will start getting less complicated. Of course, considering her new world is filled with Reapers, demons, and malicious spirits, that doesn't seem likely. What does surprise her is the way her ex-soul mate Micah St. James is treating her. Ever since they broke up he's been giving her the cold shoulder, and the more she worries about where they stand, the more she ends up putting a wedge between her and Hadrian. She chose the god for a reason, now she just has to keep that in mind while they fight off the attacks of an evil Persephone hell bent on tearing them apart. By any means necessary. She's already lost Micah. She'd die--again--if the original Gravewalker got her way and managed to steal Hadrian as well.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Name vs. My Pen Name ;) IMPORTANT

Hey guys,

I wanted to take some time to talk about a change I want to gradually make over the course of the next few weeks/months. First, I just want to thank all of you who've read my work, followed through a series, and commented/rated. It really means a lot, and I hope you continue to stick with me from here on out. For a while now I've been writing under the penname Tempest C. Avery. This has allowed me to focus on my writing without being bogged down with questions from friends/people I wasn't yet comfortable talking to about my novels. However, I think it's time I finally set the penname aside and being using my real name.

Like mentioned above, this will be a gradual process, and I intend for most of my work that's already been released to continue carrying the Tempest C. Avery name as well. I'll more than likely end up placing both names on these revamped covers. I'd really appreciate you all helping me to spread the word, as I really don't want any fans/readers to slip through the cracks because they no longer know which name to find me under. Again, I'm going to try and keep the penname that you all know attached to all the old works, but from here on out, anything new (not including parts of series still ongoing) might only contain my actual name.

If any of you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, either here or on my Goodreads.com account! I'm going to start switching over all of my stuff soon, that includes this blog, Goodreads, Wattpad, etc. I might even start attempting to be active on Twitter. Some of you follow me there despite my having never actually posted a Tweet so...thanks! Hopefully if/once I become more active there, more of you will look me up! :)

My real name has always been included on my Swoonreads.com submissions, so some of you probably are already aware that Tempest C. Avery is a penname. That, and I've been pretty open about that whenever asked in comments, etc.

So, in a nutshell...

Hi, I'm Chani Lynn Feener, aka, Tempest C. Avery.

Nice to meet you all. And thanks for sticking with me. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Unbidden Hadrian POV Short Story

Hey guys, didn't get a chance to mention that I posted the short story, Unbidden, onto Wattpad for you all to read! I had a couple people asking about it, and some got a chance to read it earlier. Basically, it's the scene where Hadrian and Spencer meet for the first time, only told from his point of view. It's only about 15 pages long, but gives you a deeper insight into Hadrian, and the type of person he was before meeting Spencer.

Because of this, obviously I suggest you don't read it unless you've already read the first book in the series, Unhinged, the link for which can be found in the right side bar. Just click on the cover image and it'll take you directly to where the book can be purchased. It is also available on Amazon.

Here's the link to the short: https://www.wattpad.com/story/66153054-unbidden-underworld-short-story?utm_source=wp_widget

Let me know what you all think :)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

FREE Reads

Been super busy lately, guys, but I am trying to work on a few new projects (some of which are the second installment of series already out!) as well as get all of these prize packs put together and shipped to the winners of the huge giveaway I held back in January. That being said though, three of my books are still available to be read FOR FREE on the site Swoonreads.com.

If you haven't heard of this site yet, it's one where authors post their completed novel in the hopes of garnering enough attention to get selected for traditional publication. So, all of you waiting on the second books of the Dreamer trilogy and the Trickster trilogy, get your friends to check the books out, rate and comment! I'm hoping to leave them up a little longer, crossing my fingers that they still might get chosen for publication!

To everyone who has already read/commented/left a review THANK YOU!!! You have no idea how much it means to me that you took the time to check out my books, and then leave a rating! For those of you who haven't, who doesn't like a free read, right? Below is a link to all three books, their blurbs (in case you've missed it), and cover art!

I've got 10 reviews on the newest book, Prisoner of Glass, so far and really want to thank everyone who's read that one! It's one of my favorite things I've ever written, so it really means a ton that people seem to be liking it! People have also rated it highly on Goodreads, as it has a solid 5 stars out of 7 reviews there so thanks for that as well!!!!!!!!!

Within a Dream

Lily likes being a witch. Sure, aside from floating pencils and telepathically communicating with her three best friends, there aren’t many real perks. Until it brings two of the hottest guys she’s ever seen into her life. Of course, there are always strings, and this one comes in the form of a prophecy foretelling her saving, and eventually ruling, a realm she’s never heard about in this lifetime. With dark fey suddenly hunting them down, Lily and her friends are forced to make a decision, complete the prophecy or turn their backs. If that isn’t enough stress, Lily also has a choice to make of her own. Trust in their brooding dark haired guide, Larkin? Or the golden dream stalker Ronan? One claims he’s her soul mate. Both want her back in a realm she can’t recall. What’s a girl to do?


Beguiling Trickery

Kenna Erikson knows absolutely nothing about Norse mythology. Which is daunting, considering she's a volur, a type of seer the Vikings believed garnered favor with the gods. For the most part, she ignores her gifts, and the useless ability to foresee thirty or so seconds into the future. For as long as she can remember, she's had only herself to rely on, and she likes that just fine. However, when shadows suddenly come alive and attack her, she's forced to seek outside help in the form of tall, blonde, and infinitely annoying, Luka. Somehow, Luka knows all about her attackers, and the mythology they spring from. He's also eager to help out, despite the fact they've only just met. But what secret is he keeping? Who is he really? And why does her heart flip every time he's around?


Prisoner of Glass

If anyone had ever asked Delaney Grace what her plans were after high school, she certainly wouldn't have answered, "getting kidnapped". Unfortunately, that's exactly what happens. As if that wasn't enough, turns out the man kidnapping her isn't a local. He's from another planet. In a twisted case of mistaken identity, Delaney is taken to a foreign world where she's forced to pretend to be an alien princess. If she can pull it off long enough for the real princess to be found, she'll get to go home, if she doesn't, she risks enslaving the entire human race. Tricking the princess's betrothed, Trystan, isn't going to be easy, but not falling for Ruckus, her accidental kidnapper, might be an even bigger feat. Especially when the three of them get caught up in a deadly game of truth or dare. Will Delaney be able to pull off the acting job of a lifetime, or will she ultimately be the cause of a massive war? One the human race most likely won't survive.  



My book, Bone Deep, is still being offered for FREE download on Smashwords.com! I'm not sure how much longer this will be the case, but if you do download and read, please remember to leave a comment/rating on Goodreads.com!

Bone Deep

Mila's lived her whole life with one goal: destroying the upir, and sometimes their lesser evil cousins, vampires. She's fought and trained for almost all of her eighteen years so that she'd be ready to lead the Ouroboros order, a society of hunters that has been around since Dracula was known simply as Vlad the Impaler. She's successfully executed many kills, led hundreds of hunting parties, and honed her abilities as a runemaster. But something's coming, something that even a life like Mila's couldn't prepare her for. Hunters are dropping all around her, and monsters are doing the unheard of. Working together.

Rogen's second life has been about one thing: protecting his people. He's long since accepted his role in the vast supernatural world, and what's more, he's learned to relish in the power. Which is why it pisses him off so much when something shows up announced, screwing with the order of things. With only one option left to him, Rogen undergoes the unthinkable, guising himself as a moroi hunter in the Ouroboros order. There was a time when he respected their services, but having been corrupted some centuries back, his opinion of them has since altered. He's going to have to convince them to join forces if they're ever going to stop whatever's coming. The only problem is, doing so might actually be more impossible than stopping the biggest evil the world's ever seen.


and the goodreads.com page: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26888103-bone-deep

If any of you have any questions, pleases feel free to ask! There's an Ask the Author section on my Goodreads account, as well as here on the blog!

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Look what finally came in, guys!!!! I know it's taken forever, but now that the hard copies are here, it's just a matter of putting all of the different pieces for the prizes together! They'll be shipped out sometime this week!!!! These are some of the hard copies along with a few of the origami pieces and a bunch of the stickers! The Prisoner of Glass cover had to be changed in order to fit the program used to make the paperbacks unfortunately. But it's better than having a blurry cover. Not all of the prizes are pictured here! I just put some of them together so show you guys! There are still bookmarks, jewelry, and other smaller items!

Just so you know, some changes had to be made to a few of the prize items offered. Sorry about this :/ It's been a crazy past few months and I wasn't able to get/do everything that I'd hoped to. But the stuff you are getting is still awesome and I hope all of you winners enjoy! :) I'm planning on emailing each of you when your box is shipped so you'll know!