The Seven Deadly Sins

Aka, the Seven Deadlies.

Centuries ago, when Pandora opened the box, seven powerful beings escaped. Dubbed the Seven Deadly Sins by mortals, and the Seven Deadlies by others of their kind, these beings have spread throughout the globe and created new identities and lives for themselves.

There will be seven books in this series, though they will all be stand-alone so can be read separately from one another! Unlike my other series, these are not YA books, and are meant for an older audience of 18+, as they are adult Paranormal Romance novels. There will be strong language, and sexual content not suitable for a younger audience.

The first book in the series, Bad Things Play Here, is already available for purchase! You can find links on the sidebar to the left, and the book can be bought in both paperback and ebook form! If you're a fan of Hadrian, you don't want to miss this one, as he makes a couple appearances throughout! ;) This book takes place a few months before the start of the Underworld Saga.

In Bad Things Play Here, the breeches in the Underworld have let loose a malicious spirit known to the world as Orpheus. He immediately steals Pandora's Box, though his reasoning is unknown. This act forces the boxes protector, Piper Anesidora, and the Greek god of lust Reece--formerly known as Dionysus--to work together to stop the soul before he unleashes hell on earth. Along the way their attraction towards one another grows, forcing them both to acknowledge things about themselves they would rather ignore.

The next book in the series will be Bad Things Rise Here, and revolves around Eli--aka Apollo--and the sin Greed.

Cover image to come!

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