Friday, January 20, 2017


Not a very interesting post today, I'm afraid. Just figured I'd do an update seeing as how it's been since the 6th since I've last posted.

I was in VT from last Friday to this Tuesday visiting friends! It was a lot of fun, and because my friends understand this is what I do, I also got a lot of writing done, so yay! My deadline for the first rough draft of the second book (the book after Amid Stars and Darkness, currently untitled) is fast approaching and I'm quickly winding to the end. Of course though, the second I get back I get a head cold, so I currently feel sick and miserable. :( Hopefully it clears up soon so I can get back to finishing the book!!! :)

There's still one R2R copy (I believe) of Unhinged left on the group, and you can sign up by clicking the link offered in the previous post! Remember, the book is also available for purchase now in hardcover, paperback, and ebook, links of which can be found in previous posts, and on the sidebar!

Unhinged was written years ago, and my written voice has changed so much since. I'm really happy that it's out there for people to read, but I'm also very excited for people to see the difference (and how much I've improved) when my book Amid Stars and Darkness is released in July. I am crazy excited to share this story with you, and that it'll also be available in hardcover! These two books are also very different. Unhinged in a teen paranormal loosely based on the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades, while Amid Stars and Darkness is a YA Sci-fi about a girl who gets mistaken for an alien and kidnapped.

For more information on either of these two books, please click on their cover images on the sidebar, or check out the Books page! :)

Sorry guys, like I said before, nothing super spectacular, mostly just rehashing some info. I can tell you that the second book in the Underworld saga, Unleashed, is looking at an April publication date though! So if you've read the first book and have been waiting, you don't have much longer to go!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Unhinged R2R + Fan Made Bookmark!

Hey guys,

So thought I'd let you know that you can get your hands on a Read to Review copy of Unhinged on goodreads by signing up on the group, Shut Up & Read, here: ! As of right now (1/6) there are only 5 copies left so hurry over! :) If you miss out, remember, the book is available for purchase in all formats!!!!

You can find links to sites like B&N and Amazon by checking out the books main Goodreads page here:

In other news, above is a fan made bookmark for Unhinged! Isn't it awesome?! I love the design (and printed one out for my collection)! You can check this out and like it over on her instagram: 

I absolutely love seeing fanart, so if you have some please feel free to contact me and show me! Also, as a side note, if you repost a photo of this bookmark, please be respectful and mention the artist. Stealing/claiming art is a crime. :)