Friday, January 6, 2017

Unhinged R2R + Fan Made Bookmark!

Hey guys,

So thought I'd let you know that you can get your hands on a Read to Review copy of Unhinged on goodreads by signing up on the group, Shut Up & Read, here: ! As of right now (1/6) there are only 5 copies left so hurry over! :) If you miss out, remember, the book is available for purchase in all formats!!!!

You can find links to sites like B&N and Amazon by checking out the books main Goodreads page here:

In other news, above is a fan made bookmark for Unhinged! Isn't it awesome?! I love the design (and printed one out for my collection)! You can check this out and like it over on her instagram: 

I absolutely love seeing fanart, so if you have some please feel free to contact me and show me! Also, as a side note, if you repost a photo of this bookmark, please be respectful and mention the artist. Stealing/claiming art is a crime. :)

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