Thursday, May 3, 2012

Echo Island- Mirror Warriors Book 2:

So, it's basically the end on the semester for me (just have a week of finals and then graduation) so I should have some time to actually focus on writing! Sorry to all those who've been checking here and asking about when the next book in either the Mirror Warriors or Dreamer series will be released. I know I keep pushing the dates back and I'm sorry about that. However, my focus is going to be on getting Echo Island done as soon as possible! It's over 200 pages to date, and I still have a lot to go so hopefully you'll all find the wait was worth it in the end. (That's not so say I think length automatically equates to substance) :) I did say that I would add at least an excerpt of the book so I'm attaching a link to my WattPad where you can read the first coule of chapters. Note that they've been toned down a little from the original version. Like always, questions and comments are welcomed!