Friday, January 15, 2016

News! (For lack of a better title)

I'm out of title names again, so that's what we're going with! If you checked my previous post, you know about a few things already, but here's a bit more and another update!

Bone Deep is still currently being offered for FREE on! Here's the link:

Go grab your copy before it's too late, and then leave a review on! :) I haven't been promoting this as much as I should, so there aren't really any reviews, and I haven't given many copies out yet, so I really want to know what you guys think about Rogen and Mila's story!

In other news:

I've been posting a few chapters of a new book to Wattpad! Currently there are only two chapters, but I'm planning on posting more as I go. Keep in mind, this means that it's going to be a rough draft, (even the title is rough and might change) but this is a book I hope to post to, which is why I'm hoping to pick up some extra readers by posting to Wattpad first. This book takes place in the same universe as the Underworld saga and the Trickster trilogy!  Here's a rough blurb and the (current) title:

Bad Things Play Here:

Piper has always thought of herself as open minded. Of course, everyone has their limits, and finding out that things like Pandora's box and the Underworld are real definitely count as limitations. As if these discoveries weren't enough, turns out she's a descendant of the first, and her brother's currently being possessed by a released soul from the latter. With the help of a Reaper and the Greek god Dionysus—who’s decided to change his name to Reece—Piper needs to find the one possessing her brother, Orpheus, and stop him from opening Pandora’s box. All she wanted was a normal last summer before the craziness of college, but she's not the type of person to sit back while the planet is plunged into darkness. As long as she can somehow manage to keep herself from falling under Reece's distracting spell, saving the world should be easy. Piecing her normal life back together when it's all over? Not so much.
Check it out and let me know what you think! As you can tell from the blurb, we're hanging with another Greek god in this one. ;) Here's the link:

Saturday, January 2, 2016

A few things to start off the new year...

Hope you all had a great New Year! I've been away the past few weeks because of the Christmas rush, and then planning the New Years party I throw every year with my best friend! But I'm back (hopefully) and there is a lot going on!

Firstly, those of you who won the giveaway, don't worry! I'm still gathering all of the prizes together, and now that the holiday season is basically over, the process should speed up.

Secondly, if you're interested in reading my teen book based around Norse Mythology, now is your chance to do so through Goodreads! Here's a link to where it's being offered up as a free R2R. There are only a limited number of copies available, so hurry on over! This book takes place in the same universe as the Underworld saga!!!

Thirdly, there are a few books I've been talking about (or casually mentioning) for a few months now and hopefully at least two of them will come out soon. My book, Bone Deep, was released a little while ago so please make sure to go and check that book out! For the next week, it's actually going to be available for FREE on!!! Please go grab a copy before it gets set back to its regular price, and be sure to leave a review/rating on to help other people find the book! ;)

If you haven't read the blurb yet, here it is again:

Mila's lived her whole life with one goal: destroying the upir, and sometimes their lesser evil cousins, vampires. She's fought and trained for almost all of her eighteen years so that she'd be ready to lead the Ouroboros order, a society of hunters that has been around since Dracula was known simply as Vlad the Impaler. She's successfully executed many kills, led hundreds of hunting parties, and honed her abilities as a runemaster. But something's coming, something that even a life like Mila's couldn't prepare her for. Hunters are dropping all around her, and monsters are doing the unheard of. Working together.

Rogen's second life has been about one thing: protecting his people. He's long since accepted his role in the vast supernatural world, and what's more, he's learned to relish in the power. Which is why it pisses him off so much when something shows up announced, screwing with the order of things. With only one option left to him, Rogen undergoes the unthinkable, guising himself as a moroi hunter in the Ouroboros order. There was a time when he respected their services, but having been corrupted some centuries back, his opinion of them has since altered. He's going to have to convince them to join forces if they're ever going to stop whatever's coming. The only problem is, doing so might actually be more impossible than stopping the biggest evil the world's ever seen.

I've got an alien book currently going through editing that I'm hoping to get out there soonish. People who won some of the giveaway prizes have already heard a little about this, as they'll be receiving paperback copies of the book and will be the first ones who get to read it! That being said, I'm hoping to post a little taste of the book here within the next few days, so keep checking back for an excerpt! And if you haven't yet, check out to read some of my work for free and possibly help me get published! :)