Saturday, February 25, 2017

Get Unleashed + Signed Bookplates!

Get 15% off your Polyethnic box with code: BeOurGuest, good until March 7th!

Hopefully most of you stopped by for the cover reveal at the beginning of the week! If not, here it is again! Isn't it great?! I love it, and can't wait for all of you to be able to hold a physical copy of it in your hands! One of the cool features about the Polyethnic Book Box is that they also offer up exclusive covers for their book selections. Unfortunately, at the moment I don't know what that exclusive cover looks like, but I'm sure it'll be just as brilliant as this one! I'm also very excited by your guys response about this book, more aptly, your response about Thayer. My best friend would be pleased (she called Thayer almost upon his creation years ago) but I'm really happy that you're all looking forward to seeing the God of Death in this book! For those of you who keep asking about him, here's a little spoiler, given in the form of, yup, you guessed it! A Kai Parker gif! Drum roll please....


Anyway, like the post title says, there's already a way you can ensure you get a copy of this book ASIP (as soon as it's published, because it's not yet) and that's by purchasing one of the Polyethnic Book Boxes! I mentioned this already in previous posts, as well as supplied a link, but I think the easiest way to do it is to break it down by box choices. These are a great and fun way to not only get the book, and a copy of the first book as well, but also a ton of other really cool items! I'm supplying the links and better descriptions of both, here:

VIP Box: Includes One Paperback copy of Unhinged (book #1).
                               One Paperback copy of Unleashed (book #2).
                               Bookmarks, candy, jewelry, etc. (VIP has two to three more of these items).

Reg. Box: Includes One eBook copy of Unhinged (book #1).
                                One Paperback copy of Unleashed (book #2).
                                Bookmarks, candy, jewelry, etc.

If you're interested in checking out the first book, and want to purchase it directly from the publisher, you can do so here:

Otherwise, it can be purchased through Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. It is also available in eBook!


Now for the other part of the title! I have 10 bookplates available, which I'll be shipping out, FOR FREE, sometime in March (around the time boxes go out). I'll even ship these internationally, so, for any of you interested in getting one all you have to do is leave a comment below! That's it! Just leave me a comment and check back for my reply! :)


I've got some more possible news to share in the upcoming week, so please pop back in to check it out and stay up to date!!! Thanks everyone who took the time to read this entire post (and put up with my gif obsession)! Someone pointed out that Chris Wood could be Hadrian/Thayer, and I guess it just stuck with me! Lmao. Anywho, like always, questions or comments welcome! Later, guys!


Monday, February 20, 2017

Unleashed Cover Reveal!!!

Isn't it beautiful? Don't you love it?! I love it. I think I might even love it more than I did the first one for Unhinged! Thanks to the cover artist and the Polyethnic for gracing my book with yet another spectacular cover upgrade! I cannot wait for you guys to be able to get your hands on these (I can't wait to get my hands on a hardcover copy myself) and I'm excited that they're coming out NEXT MONTH! In case you missed my previous post, go check that out below! It's worth it. At least, I think it is because it's riddled with Chris Wood gifs and tons of info on how you can already purchase your copy of Unleashed! That's right! You can already purchase it by buying yourself one of the Polyethnic's fandom book boxes! There's a link below in that post I mentioned, go on, run and read it, I'll wait.


I've recently decided I'm going to be using gifs more. Why? Because they're fun. I did however decide not to let them all be Chris Wood gifs, sigh, because that would be weird. And all gifs are equal. Did I just get weird? Do you want me to change my mind about the gif usage from now on?


ANYWHO: The blurb has also gotten an upgrade, so if you don't know what book two is about, here it is:

A few months ago, Spencer Perry made a deal with the devil. Or, more aptly, Hades. With her boyfriend back from the dead, honoring those promised nightly trips to the Underworld has gotten more complicated. Torn between loyalty towards Micah and duty towards Hadrian, Spencer has enough to deal with without having to worry about Persephone. Unfortunately, the original Gravewalker is hell bent on unleashing malicious spirits on the world, and she thinks Spencer is standing in her way. Attempting to stop Persephone means learning how to use her new abilities, and more time in the Underworld with Hadrian, a fact Micah strongly dislikes. With the clock already ticking down, Spencer needs to accept this new role she's been given, and maybe accept that some feelings, and some loves, don't actually last forever.

The page has also been updated with the new cover and blurb. As soon as they become available, the ISBN numbers will be added so you guys can see where it can be purchased. As of right now, the only way to preorder is to, again, buy the Polyethnic March "Be Our Guest" box! This is a Beauty and the Beast themed book box, and VIP boxes come with paperback copies of BOTH Unhinged and Unleashed! Reg. boxes will still come with an ebook version of Unhinged, as well as paperback copy of Unleashed, so if you don't want to spend too much money but want this book quick that's the way to go! These boxes also come with a ton of other goodies like bookmarks and items featuring the themes Beauty and the Beast and the Underworld (because of the books, obviously)!

Anyway, here is the link to the page, in case you wanted to add it to your TBR shelf and check out a few past reviews:


Okay, I lied about the C.W thing. But come on, Kai is back! I love you if you know what I'm talking about. Though, to be honest, I wasn't a fan of Season 7....Wow. I am getting WAY off track now! But I'm not deleting anything. Lol. I don't have the time to rewrite this and make it prim and seem more professional! This is what you're getting, people! On account of all the Bob and Chris, you're welcome. ;)

FINALLY, ending this on a note that actually matters, if you also happen to follow me on instagram, or/and follow the publisher for these, the Polyethnic, than you've already seen this side by side photo, but if you haven't, here it is! I love it because you get to see both the Unhinged cover and the Unleashed cover together. I think they make a beautiful set, and I can't wait until I can take photos of my two hard copies together!!!

And for those of you who actually stuck it out this far and reached the end of this post, thanks! Here's a little extra info: Unleashed will be available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook form. You'll be able to buy it at Barnes and Noble, one Amazon, and at a few other bookstores! The first book, Unhinged, is currently already out, so if you haven't yet and want to read it, go grab yourself a copy! I do have a few signed bookplates available for anyone who is interested. If so, just leave me a comment and I'll mail you one for free! :)

Unleashed is the second installment of the Underworld saga. There's still two more books to go!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Unleashed Release Date + MORE (Cover reveal to come!)

Hey all (fair warning, I am killing this post with gifs)

This is a long one, but please bear with me, especially so you can find out when the cover reveal is! I've been away for a while, super busy working on the first draft of the second book of Amid Stars and Darkness (which now has a tentative working title!!!) and doing edits for the final copy of the second book in my Underworld saga, Unleashed! If you would like a visual representation of what the editing process does to me, here you go:





Lol. Don't ask me why I went with Chris Wood for this, I just did. ANYWHO, I spent all of December plus January working on one book, took a week break at the beginning of Feb. and started working on edits for another book, which most of you already know about. This new version on Unleashed will be (hopefully) a little better, and much easier to acquire considering it's being published by a company and not self published by little ol' me. So, I've been spending all my time twiddling away on these edits and then last night I have a conversation with my publisher. Ready to know what it was about?

Originally, the book wasn't even supposed to come out until April, BUT...


It's now coming out a month early!!! Yup, it'll be released in MARCH!!!


Because I feel excited!!! And nervous, because I was not prepared to speed up my editing process. But I'm confidant that I can do it, and I trust that my publisher will be able to handle everything else. Side note: anyone sick of me using Chris Wood gifs yet? No. Great. Because...

THERE'S MORE (I don't mean Chris Wood gifs. Though, there might be. We'll see)!!!

A major reason for speeding up the release date is so that it can fit the theme for The Polyethnic's March book box! Yes! It's going to be in a BOOK BOX!!! If you didn't already know, The Polyethnic does a monthly subscription book fandom box. This box always includes a new book, as well as a bunch of other bookish items! There are two versions of the box, a VIP box which comes with a few extra goodies, and then a regular box which is a bit cheaper. Either way, both of these boxes comes with a book, and for March, it'll be mine!

For those of you wondering how including the second book is going to work, let me tell you! VIP subscribers will also receive a paperback copy of book 1, Unhinged!


(Haha, nope. Definitely wasn't done with these). You read that right though! VIP boxes will come with TWO BOOKS! So, if you still haven't picked up your copy of Unhinged, or you bought the ebook, loved it, and now want to find a cheaper way to add the paperback to your collection, purchase this box! People who do will also be the first ones to get their hands on the second book! And if you miss out on the VIP, don't fret. Regular boxes still come with an ebook copy of Unhinged, so you still won't have to worry about not having book 1, because you will!

So, to recap:

VIP Box comes with BOTH a paperback copy of Unhinged, and Unleashed!
Reg. Box comes with an ebook copy of Unhinged, and paperback copy of Unleashed!

You can even go purchase your box now, here:

The theme of this box is Beauty and the Beast, in honor of the upcoming movie (who's excited for that?! I know I am!) and is titled, Be Our Guest! It'll include some awesome items for both the Beauty and the Beast theme, and the theme of the books, the Underworld!

I have seen the cover and it is AMAZING! Seriously. I am so crazy in love with it and I can't wait to show you all! In fact...


So make sure you stop back and check it out! If you want a faster way to stay up to date, follow me on instagram! Information always gets posted there first because it's easier for me. My handle is @TempestChani !

All right, I think I'll call it. That's a pretty massive info dump I just gave, and now I have to go do some more edits. Yay (I say sarcastically). In case you couldn't already tell, edits make me go a little insane. Hence all the gifs. Speaking of... One more!