Sunday, February 19, 2017

Unleashed Release Date + MORE (Cover reveal to come!)

Hey all (fair warning, I am killing this post with gifs)

This is a long one, but please bear with me, especially so you can find out when the cover reveal is! I've been away for a while, super busy working on the first draft of the second book of Amid Stars and Darkness (which now has a tentative working title!!!) and doing edits for the final copy of the second book in my Underworld saga, Unleashed! If you would like a visual representation of what the editing process does to me, here you go:





Lol. Don't ask me why I went with Chris Wood for this, I just did. ANYWHO, I spent all of December plus January working on one book, took a week break at the beginning of Feb. and started working on edits for another book, which most of you already know about. This new version on Unleashed will be (hopefully) a little better, and much easier to acquire considering it's being published by a company and not self published by little ol' me. So, I've been spending all my time twiddling away on these edits and then last night I have a conversation with my publisher. Ready to know what it was about?

Originally, the book wasn't even supposed to come out until April, BUT...


It's now coming out a month early!!! Yup, it'll be released in MARCH!!!


Because I feel excited!!! And nervous, because I was not prepared to speed up my editing process. But I'm confidant that I can do it, and I trust that my publisher will be able to handle everything else. Side note: anyone sick of me using Chris Wood gifs yet? No. Great. Because...

THERE'S MORE (I don't mean Chris Wood gifs. Though, there might be. We'll see)!!!

A major reason for speeding up the release date is so that it can fit the theme for The Polyethnic's March book box! Yes! It's going to be in a BOOK BOX!!! If you didn't already know, The Polyethnic does a monthly subscription book fandom box. This box always includes a new book, as well as a bunch of other bookish items! There are two versions of the box, a VIP box which comes with a few extra goodies, and then a regular box which is a bit cheaper. Either way, both of these boxes comes with a book, and for March, it'll be mine!

For those of you wondering how including the second book is going to work, let me tell you! VIP subscribers will also receive a paperback copy of book 1, Unhinged!


(Haha, nope. Definitely wasn't done with these). You read that right though! VIP boxes will come with TWO BOOKS! So, if you still haven't picked up your copy of Unhinged, or you bought the ebook, loved it, and now want to find a cheaper way to add the paperback to your collection, purchase this box! People who do will also be the first ones to get their hands on the second book! And if you miss out on the VIP, don't fret. Regular boxes still come with an ebook copy of Unhinged, so you still won't have to worry about not having book 1, because you will!

So, to recap:

VIP Box comes with BOTH a paperback copy of Unhinged, and Unleashed!
Reg. Box comes with an ebook copy of Unhinged, and paperback copy of Unleashed!

You can even go purchase your box now, here:

The theme of this box is Beauty and the Beast, in honor of the upcoming movie (who's excited for that?! I know I am!) and is titled, Be Our Guest! It'll include some awesome items for both the Beauty and the Beast theme, and the theme of the books, the Underworld!

I have seen the cover and it is AMAZING! Seriously. I am so crazy in love with it and I can't wait to show you all! In fact...


So make sure you stop back and check it out! If you want a faster way to stay up to date, follow me on instagram! Information always gets posted there first because it's easier for me. My handle is @TempestChani !

All right, I think I'll call it. That's a pretty massive info dump I just gave, and now I have to go do some more edits. Yay (I say sarcastically). In case you couldn't already tell, edits make me go a little insane. Hence all the gifs. Speaking of... One more!



  1. Replies
    1. Yay! I'm excited to see what else will be in it (I don't even know)! Thank you!

    2. Hello,

      Im really confused, your trilogy the underworld, hasn't it already been completed and released?
      I'm trying to find I place where I can buy them, so far I've only found the first book. Is there a way I can be the old versions?

      All the Best

      P.S, I love your work. (:

    3. It's actually a saga, not a trilogy, and it was recently picked up by a publishing house. That means that all self published copies were removed, as they are now signed with someone else. The first book came out again in December, with a new cover and better editing, and is available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook. The second book comes out this month on the 25th, and will be available in all of these formats as well!

    4. ahh, okay.

      Thank you!
      Will the third one be coming out at the end of the year then?

      All the best