Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Print Giveaway!

Hey guys!

I'm doing a print giveaway of Hadrian Hale to thank you all for your patience while waiting for the hardcover version of Unleashed (as well as when you all waited for the eBook version)! Before that though...

I know a lot of you have been messaging me asking about hardcovers, eBooks, and about how the print is a bit smaller in the paperback version of Unhinged now, so I figured I'd do a post to clear some things up!

First: My publisher is working really hard to get the hardcover versions available ASAP. There've been a ton of unforeseen setbacks and complications, but they're being worked on, I promise! I can only tell you what I know, but they should be available soon.

Second: eBooks are available now! Not sure if any/all of you caught my previous post about it, but there's a link where you can purchase and download. Sorry for the wait on this, I know it was released a couple weeks after the paperback version came out. Again, apparently there were complications. :/

Third: Yes, I know the print in the new version of Unhinged is a bit smaller to read than when it originally came out. Sorry about this. But it means that there are less total pages so the book can be sold for cheaper. You guys get to purchase at a more reasonable price because of it, and hopefully it's not too small for you all to read it without getting headaches! I tested it out and I was all right. :)

LASTLY: The giveaway!

I'm going to be hosting TWO of these, one here for the blog, and another over on my instagram, so if you're interested, please head on over there tomorrow to check it out and sign up again for double the chance! The winners will each receive one 8x10 glossy print of my drawing of Hadrian Hale, signed, and if requested, also personalized. I'll even throw in an Unhinged bookmark to go along with it! If you want to see a full picture of the drawing, check the previous post. I've put up the image used for bookplates here only so that people don't steal my work (sadly, it happens. A lot).

So, quick recap: I will let you know AS SOON AS the hardcovers are available! The eBooks ARE NOW available! Check out my Instagram @TempestChani for another chance to enter to win this giveaway tomorrow! There will be TWO winners! Enter below! ;)

Awesome. I'm off to finish edits for book #2 of my Xenith trilogy. The first book, Amid Stars and Darkness, is now available for preorder by the way! You can find it anywhere, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc.! :)

Off to work I go!

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Unleashed eBook + Paperback Available!

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, I've been waiting for the eBook version of Unleashed to be available so that I could give you guys links! And it is!

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen a bunch of photos of both versions of the paperback, and a test copy of the hardcover (which I've also posted here once before)! We're still waiting on the hardcovers to be available, but as soon as they are, I promise I'll let you know! And remember, these hardcover copies are going to have colored pages and ink! I know it feels like you've been waiting forever for these, and trust me, so have I. The publisher is working really hard to get these in print as soon as possible! So, for those of you rolling your eyes at me because I keep telling you they're coming, THEY ARE!!!!

Anyway, here are the links, as well as a link to the page, because it's always easier to link to buy pages from there, AND you can add it to your TBR shelf! ;)


Amazon eBook/Paperback:

This should also become available on Barnes and Noble, but it seems to be taking some time...hmm. But there you have it, and again, check back for when the hardcover is available! I'll try to keep you as up to date as I am!

I've got to go work on edits for the second book of the Xenith trilogy now! But like usual, questions and comments are welcome!