Monday, December 3, 2012

Amid the Roar Released + FREE Novella!!!!

The final book in the Dreamer Trilogy is finally out!!! Amid the Roar is the conclusion to Lily's story, and I hope that you all rush out to get your own copy now! Writing this book was both easier and harder then the other two. It was really tough ending it. :/ However, as I've mentioned before this isn't the end! This trilogy branches off into a series called the Three Realms series! Keep checking back here for information on when the next book (the story of Flynn and the next summer queen) will be released, as well as to find when the novellas centered around Brid, Ruarc, Caer, and Bran will be. :) Anywho, that's not what this post is really about! It's about Amid the Roar! Below is a link that will lead you straight to where you can buy your own copy, or you can click on the cover image on the right side bar! Thanks to everyone who's stuck with this trilogy! It really means a lot hearing all of your kind words :)

Also, from now until Dec 7th you can get the beginning novella to the Dreamer trilogy, Where Thy Dark Eye Glances, by using this code at check out: VZ25G. :) Don't miss out on your chance to see how it all began, FOR FREE!