Saturday, August 29, 2015

Free Reads (Underworld Short Story!), Excerpts, Release Dates, and More!!!


So I suck.

There, I said it.

I know I've been away WAY too long, but I've been seriously busy! If you read the post previous to this one (which has been up for a few weeks now), you know how crazy life's been for me! But, my coworker is back, meaning I won't be working 9 1/2 hour days any longer, so life can resume! Yay!

But enough of that, thanks to everyone who's been so patient waiting for the third book in the Underworld saga, as well as the other books that have been shelved on the back burner for the past few months. Also, to everyone who's asked me about the second books in either/or both the Dreamer trilogy and/or the Trickster trilogy. I've been answering a lot of questions about these, especially about the second books for both series and when they'll be available. I've mentioned before in previous posts that I'm forced to keep the first books available only on for a total of six months. Until this time period is up, I won't be releasing the second books. But keep checking back, because as soon as I'm able (and they're written) I'll post about it here!

I've also been promising a couple other books, both of which have been written for some time now, and are just slowly making their way through the tedious editing/rewrite process. Being an indie author makes it hard for me time wise, because I have to do everything myself. That's also why sometimes mistakes slip by me, or I accidently upload the unedited copy (this has happened. Yikes). Hopefully, next month will be a month of releases from me, however, where I hope to at the very least get two of the three books I have out there (Bone Deep, and Unbound, Underworld #3).

For the next couple of weeks, Unhinged, is free for download again!!!! So, if you haven't yet read it, here's your chance to do so for FREE!!!! Here's the link:


Thank you! And thanks for baring with me! To prove how ecstatic I am, I'm offering up a FREE short story, told in Hadrian's POV! All you have to do is go to the Ask Me Anything section of this blog, and ask one of the characters (doesn't matter which) a question. Any question. Just leave it in the comments section, and be sure to address it to them. It doesn't even have to be to characters explicitly from the Underworld, but any of my others as well. Then leave your email (make sure to put the (@) and (dot) like this so you don't let robots are jerks spam you!) as well as what format you'd like (ePub, .mobi, PDF) and I'll send it over to you! If you have questions for me, feel free to leave those there as well. :) You can ask as many questions as you want! Including of characters of my book that has yet to be released, Bone Deep. Speaking of which....


I've decided to stop being horrible and just release an excerpt. Keep in mind, this book is written in a completely different style than any of my others. While my general voice should be similar (it's still me writing it, after all) the format of the story is very different. Hopefully you all like it. So, here's a SHORT excerpt, of the book that will "hopefully" be released next month (aka almost this month or October).

Here it is:

Bone Deep Excerpt:

“I’m well aware of your position within Ouroboros, Mila.” He crossed his arms over his chest, ran his gaze down the length of her body. But he didn’t join her, didn’t even move an inch closer.

“Then why?” She adjusted his silk pillow beneath her head.

Another one of their sudden silences passed between them, and then, “People don’t talk to you honestly, do they? They don’t speak their minds. You could get them hurt.”

“I don’t need anyone to do my dirty work,” she ground out.

“No,” he agreed, “you wouldn’t. And I’m sure everyone else at this hub and all the others know it as well. You walk by and people bow their heads. You speak and they listen. You make a decision and they follow it.”

“Is this going somewhere?” she snapped, her ire growing. “Or are you pitching me something?”

“You think there’s something up my sleeves?” He shook his head. “You’re overly cautious.”

“Like you said,” she shrugged, “I have people to protect.”

“You could report me to the council,” he told her. At her look he elaborated. “If it would make you feel better.”

She wouldn’t have to worry about a possible loon running through their ranks, that was for sure. Other than that, however, she couldn’t see an upside to turning him over. They wouldn’t really do much anyway, not unless she said she actually did want him kicked out. He hadn’t done anything wrong. He’d been pretty forthright, but she sort of liked it.

He was right about one thing. People tended to avoid telling her how they felt. Unless it was about how excited they were to go off on a hunt, or how badass they were at sparing, there were very few real conversations had between her and anyone not in Gavril’s squad.
And now one of those few people she could talk to was dead.

           “I’m sick of people hiding around me,” she confessed before she could change her mind.

He nodded, such understanding in his expression that she momentarily wondered over it. “I know the feeling.”

“Are you suggesting we confide in one another?” she asked. “I barely know you.”

“I can say the same.”

“Yes, but—”

“You’re a princess?” he filled in for her.

She bit the inside of her cheek, unable to stop her smile. “Calling me egotistical?”

“You did tell me not to call you princess.”

“I told you to call me Mila. Not the same.”


“I know you’ve got an angle,” she told him, sobering some. “Everybody does. I’m going to find out what yours is.”

“You’re welcome to try,” he challenged.

She tossed her long legs over the side of the bed, making sure that when she stood,  her body came nearly flush against his own. She took a moment to admire his bare chest, then gave him a piercing stare of her own from underneath her sooty lashes.

“I’ll see in the morning, Rouge,” she said.

He was clearly attempting to fight off a grin. And failing. “It is morning, Mila.”

She thought about starting up again, losing herself in more of their banter, but smartly kept her mouth shut. Instead, she nodded once and headed for the door, smiling to herself the whole way down the hall.