Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Underworld Series news!

Hey guys, just wanted to drop by and leave a post because a lot of you have been asking what's going on with the Underworld series, and the third installment, Unbound. Currently I'm actually waiting to hear back from a publishing house I'm really interested in. If they accept my book, Unhinged, then obviously I'll stop self publishing, and the wait for the third book will certainly be prolonged because the second will have to be republished along with the first.

In order to whip the book into better shape, I've also altered Unhinged some, so the story is a little different (not much or majorly) just cut some characters who weren't necessary etc. So I'll have to go over the second book and do some rewrites as well. The third book has been put on the back burner right now so I can focus on doing that, though it has already been written. I'm going to eventually have to go over that one as well and adjust things to it/edit it.

I just wanted to let all you guys know what was going on, and why currently there's no where you can find Unhinged for sale (I took it down the moment it seemed like I might have actually interest from a publishing house). If things don't work out with them however, I will go back to self publishing and publish the third book. Thanks everyone who's taken the time to read/ask about/rate/etc. my book! It means a lot to me and I'm so glad that you've all stuck around this long to read more! :)

In the mean time, might I suggest checking out Kresley Cole's teen novel, Poison Princess? I just finished reading it and immediately had to start the second one! Just a suggestion for those of you who are missing Hadrian's bad boy style. The Arcana series has a bad boy of its own to tide you over ;)

Thanks again! And feel free to ask more questions if I didn't cover anything here or you just want to ask me something else about the book series!