Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Previously On...

...Unhinged is available in paperback. Unleashed is hopefully on its way! ;)

I haven't posted in about a month! I know. I've sorry, guys, I've been super busy with edits and whatnot (which I should be doing right now instead of typing out this post) and coming up with ideas for the Underworld Saga and the other projects I've been working on. There also hasn't really been a ton of news to share because I've been working so hard on edits for Amid Stars and Darkness (which comes out next summer!!!).

However, figured I'd stop in really quick to say hi! Also, to let those of you who've been asking via Goodreads.com (which is where you can pretty much always get a hold of me) about the second book in the Underworld saga, that it will, in fact, be released in paperback. Eventually. The hope is that as soon as I'm done with these edits and ASAD is on its way to my editor, I'll be able to focus on formatting Unleashed to prepare it for a physical format. I've thought about doing a giveaway of sorts where anyone who's purchased the first book in paperback form can enter for a chance to win book two free! What do you guys think?

I also haven't forgotten that I mentioned holding a giveaway for fun smaller items, like stickers and bookmarks, etc. That will hopefully be coming within the next few months as well, so be sure to check back! And if you have been checking back this past month only to find that I haven't posted a thing...sorry again! :)

Keep getting a hold of me on Goodreads like you've all been doing. It's the best way to get a response and I love hearing from you guys! :) :) :)