Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Full Cover Reveals + Giveaway(s) + Release Dates!


I know. I've posted more this month than I ever have before. What can I say, there's been a lot to tell, and a lot going on! Especially in preparation for the release of Unleashed! A few people recently had a question about this, so I figured I'd take the time to answer it here, just in case there are others who are still confused...


Unhinged, Unleashed, and Unbound were all SELF PUBLISHED a few years ago. The reason these are no longer available anywhere in those published forms (or at all, in regards to Unbound) is because they were picked up by a publishing company. That means they are no longer going to be self published, but traditionally published. Because of this, I could no longer sell them myself, as that would be a breech of contract. These books WILL become available again, with better covers, and a slightly updated interior. Unhinged is already available in stores in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. You can find it at Barnes and Noble, or Amazon. I'll tell you when Unleashed comes further down this post, and Unbound has a tentative release date for June 25th, of this year! There is still one more book in the saga after this, but there's no confirmed date for it yet, so you'll have to check back for information on that.


But does that make sense to everyone now? The Polyethnic Publishing is publishing these books. That is why the original self published versions can no longer be found, and that is why Unbound, and even Unleashed, are not currently available. Both of these books WILL BE rereleased (obviously) in the year 2017. So you don't have to wait too long to get yours hands on them again.

Okay. Hopefully that cleared that up, now onto the fun stuff!

I know what the full covers are going to look like, and I'm not telling!!!!!


Just kidding. Obviously I am, otherwise what would be the point of this post? Exactly. Anywho, I got both full covers for the original versions and the exclusives! Do you want to see them? You do! (I know, if we were in the same room together, you'd smack me and say, "Chani, no amount of Hiddles gifs can make up for this level of annoyance", to which I would reply, "Liar."). I'm in CT stuck in this snow storm. As you can probably tell, I'm going a bit mad. But all the best people are.

HERE is the full cover of the original version of Unleashed:

And HERE is the full cover of the exclusive version:

For those of you late to joining the party, the exclusive version of this book can ONLY be purchased by grabbing yourself one of the Polyethnic Fandom VIP Book Boxes! And what's more, if you do this, you also get a paperback copy of the first book in the saga, Unhinged! That's a deal, right? It is. It really is. I also happen to have the full covers of Unhinged! Surprise!


So here we go! The original was actually revamped to better fit the second cover! That does mean that this version is a little more detailed than the original ORIGINAL that was released on Dec. 25th. However, the changes aren't so extreme that any of you who bought the first release should feel left out! Here's that:

And here is the exclusive full cover that can only be purchased by getting the VIP box:

They're beautiful, aren't they? I absolutely love them, and I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out! I especially love that Hadrian cover! I know I've gushed about it before in previous posts, but I can't help it!


Crunch time, I know this is a long one but please continue to bear with me! The release date for Unleashed is going to be...

March 25th!


I've been told that boxes will ship around this time as well, so keep an eye out for those! You're almost out of time to order yours, so if you're interested, head on over by clicking the link in the previous post! I know it's a long way away, considering how lengthy I made this one, but it'll be worth the trek. Trust me.

AND last, but certainly not least, there are TWO giveaways currently going on! One is for the huge giveaway the Polyethnic was generous to put on, which you can enter in (shocker) the previous post as well! The other is a giveaway going on over on my review blog, which after months and months of neglect, I am now trying to revive! I am doing this by offering up two months worth of giveaways and author interviews!

You read that right! I'm going to be hosting a weekly giveaway for random authors! This is your chance to try out something new, and to do it for free! All you have to do is head on over to the review blog and enter! There's a free entry for everyone, and you can get it on the daily! Right now, the giveaway is for two ebooks from author Emma Jaye! There are blurbs and an author interview on the blog, so if you're curious (like Hadrian Hale tends to get) go and check it out here:


Again, check back weekly, because there will be a new giveaway/interview every week for at least the next month (starting this week)!

All right, that should finish it up! Cover reveals, check. Mentioning of the giveaways, check. Loads of Tom Hiddleston gifs, check. Yup, that about covers it. Remember guys, the huge giveaway ends the last day of March, and the other one on the review blog is over on the 20th! So if you're going to enter, do so now!

As always, thanks to everyone who actually stuck around to read this entire post! Questions and comments always welcome!


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