Sunday, March 26, 2017

Surprise! (Also, Unleashed Paperback Out)

Hey guys,

I told you a few days ago that I had a surprise for all of those people who signed up for the book plates I was offering...well, here it is!

Meet Hadrian Hale! In honor of the Unleashed release, I decided to draw him and give you a guys a better idea of what he looks like in my head! I might do this with some of the other characters, but I haven't decided yet. I'd also like to eventually draw Ruckus and Trystan from my Amid Stars and Darkness trilogy, but that's getting WAY ahead of myself. Feel free to repost him, so long as you make sure to give me credit! I'm serious, stolen art isn't cool.

Anyway, bookplates are going to be of this photo, signed, and will hopefully be going out in the mail early this week! I really hope that you guys like these. It was a lot of fun to draw, and the first time I've ever drawn one of these characters in a realistic way. For those of you curious to see more of my art, I post it to a separate instagram account @TempestDraws and even have an etsy where you can buy prints!

In other news, the paperback version of Unleashed has been released!!! Currently, you can only purchase it on Amazon, and it looks like only in paperback form, not even ebook. Ebook and hardcover WILL both be available within the next few weeks, however, so if it's a matter of preference, don't worry! They'll be here! The hardcover will also come in two different editions, one with regular black inked pages, and the other with colored page edges, and colored ink! Exciting, right? Here's a link to where you can purchase the paperback:

I received my test hardcover copy of Unleashed the other day. I'm posting a photo below, but please ignore the white banner at the tope and bottom of the slip cover. Obviously, that was a misprint, and I've been assured that it won't be on any of the actual copies that become available for sale. Even with the misprint, it's so pretty! The font on the inside is a little smaller, just a heads up. A few people who saw the physical copy pointed this out to me, so I felt like I should point it out to you. This is because the book was already so long, and unless we wanted to sell it for a ton of money, something had to be done to condense it. It's not too fine, so don't worry. I think it's still perfectly readable. :)

So, what do you guys think? Should I do more of these drawings? I'm thinking about maybe making them into bookmarks as well...? Please comment and let me know! I'm also open to suggestions on who, if anyone, I should possibly draw next! :) For more pictures of this book, check out my instagram @TempestChani , and don't forget to sign up for the giveaway below, there's only three days left!

If you pick up a copy of Unleashed, thank you!!!!! Also, the first wave of March Polyethnic boxes have gone out! :)


  1. Excited to read Unleashed when it becomes available in e-book form. Will Unbound be released in e-book form soon as well? :)

    1. Unbound is looking at a June release as of now, but that could change. It won't be any sooner than that, however. Thanks for asking! Unleashed should be made available in ebook VERY soon though!