Saturday, October 17, 2015


Who doesn't like free stuff?

We've hit over 20,000 hits here!!! Thanks a ton to everyone who's stopped by, read one of my books, checked out the other pages here, etc.! As a thank you, I'm listing all of the events currently going on where you can get one of my books (or more cool stuff) for free! :)

As an added bonus, I'm adding a FREE ENTRY option into the E.E.Y.R.W Huge Giveaway!!!! This will only be active for a limited time AND those who do leave a comment letting me know which prize pack they'd like to win are MUCH more likely to actually do so! You can enter by following the link below to the specific page for the giveaway, where you can also check out the prize packs and other ways to win, or you can enter at the bottom of this post! :) Remember, this is a massive giveaway for paperbacks, ebooks, jewelry, notebooks, bookmarks, stickers, etc.! Here's the main link:

Here's a list of all the other ways you can read something for free:

There are two R2R's active on Goodreads right now! One for Unhinged, and another for Within a Dream! Click on the links below to go sign up and receive your copies now!


Within a Dream:


My new book, Bone Deep, is available for purchase on, where it can be read on any eReading device! Here's the link for that again:

Anyone interested in review copies, please contact me through my account! The link to that is all over this blog! :)

And for all you Underworlders, remember the third book, Unbound came out last month! Purchase your copy here:


It's mentioned over on the right side bar that I'm going to be partaking in this big end of October event along with some other great authors! For more information, click on the picture of the lantern at the top right, which will bring you directly to the main sight! It's going to be a really fun scavenger hunt that will introduce you to new authers, and new blogs, so be sure to come back here on October 20th to check out my post! This will be the second stop on the hunt, the first of which can be found on the main site and the main sites Facebook page!

NaNoWriMo starts soon!!!! I've already got my account set up and the info for my new book up there! :) Any of you participating this year?! I might end up doing a cover reveal and sharing the first chapter so check back! ;)

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