E.E.Y.R.W Huge Giveaway Details!

Epic End of the Year Release Wave Giveaway!!!

There's a post about this, however, figured it might make things simpler for everyone if I also created a separate page, considering this giveaway lasts a couple months! For those of you who don't know what this is, the end of 2015 is basically a catch up period where all (most) of the works I've been promising are finally being released! So far, this has included the third installment of the Underworld Saga, Unbound, and the new paranormal book, Bone Deep.  I though it'd be nice to do a couple great giveaways in order to celebrate the wave! Below is a list of all the prizes, followed by all the different ways you can enter to win!

Most notably is leaving a comment (here, on the original post, or anywhere else on this blog, letting me know which prize pack you'd like IF you win! You have to do this, and anyone who doesn't will be disqualified. If for any reason you're not comfortable posting here on the blog, let me know and leave me a message with the answer on my goodreads account. However, I would prefer a comment here that way they all stay together! :)

Here are the prizes:

(1) Underworld Starter Kit!
                                                Includes: -Paperback copy of Unhinged.
                                                               - Paperback copy of Beguiling Trickery.
                                                               - Unbidden, Underworld exclusive short story.
                                                               - Unhinged 1+ Beguiling Trickery Sticker Set.
                                                               - Unhinged Bookmark.
                                                               - Comes in duct tape purse!

(1) Supernatural Bites Kit!
                                             Includes: -Paperback copy of Bone Deep.
                                                             - eBook copy of Within a Dream (format .mobi, epub, PDF)
                                                             - Bone Deep Ouroboros Hunter Notebook.
                                                             -Bone Deep Sticker Set.
                                                             - Bone Deep Bookmark.
                                                             - Comes in duct tape purse!

(1) The Trouble with Knowing Kit!
                                              Includes: -Paperback copy of Know Thyself.
                                                             -eBook copy of Bone Deep (format .mobi, epub, PDF)
                                                             -Know Thyself Sticker Set.
                                                             -Know Thyself Bookmark.
                                                             -Comes in duct tape purse!

(1) Alien Invasion Kit!
                                             Includes: -Paperback copy of Prison of Glass.
                                                             -ebook copy of Beguiling Trickery.
                                                             -ebook copy of Within a Dream.
                                                             -Prison of Glass Sticker Set.
                                                             -Prison of Glass Bookmark.
                                                             -Comes in duct tape purse!

(1) The Tempest Fan Kit!
                                            Includes: -Mystery Paperback Copy of one of my books.
                                                            -ARC ebook copy of my next release! (or book of your choice)
                                                            -Assorted Sticker Set.
                                                            -Replica of Luka's Necklace from Beguiling Trickery.
                                                           -(3) Origami Paper Cranes from Lily's room (Within a Dream).
                                                           -(3) Origami Paper Crows from Breck's room (Within a Dream).
                                                           -Assorted Bookmarks.
                                                           -Assorted Book Covers Keychain.
                                                           -Delaney's Earrings (Prison of Glass).
                                                           -Assorted Charm Bracelet.
                                                           -Comes in duct tape purse!

(1) Bundle Kit!
                                           Includes: -eBook copies of the first books of all major series!
                                                            That's: Unhinged, Beguiling Trickery, Within a Dream,
                                                                        Bone Deep, Know Thyself, and Prison of Glass. That's
                                                                        six ebooks for FREE!

If you read through the list, you'll notice that all of these prizes come in handmade duct tape purses! They're cute, fun to make, and hold a LOT of stuff, which is why I figured they'd be a great addition to the giveaway! I also happen to make them myself so...there's that. Same with the origami pieces that are being offered in the Fan Kit! If you counted, you'll have noted that there are six different kits, therefore there will be SIX winners (in honor of the Six from the Dreamer trilogy)! This is a TON of stuff, and here's how you can win:


Earn entries by doing one (or more) of these things,

           -Reading Unhinged (which is currently available for FREE here https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/303574 Then, you simply answer the question provided by sending me a goodreads message here: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5171960.Tempest_C_Avery

The question is up on the giveaway, but here it is just in case: "What is the third river Hadrian brings Spencer to?"

And/or this one: "Where do Spencer's parents work?"

Remember! Post the answer in a PRIVATE MESSAGE to me on goodreads. Any answer posted here will be deleted!

          -Posting a comment below (or on any of the posts I make where this giveaway entry form is posted)! In the comment, tell me which kit you'd be most excited to win! You MUST answer this in order to qualify!

        -Posting a question in the Ask Away section of this blog. Ask any of the characters a question to gain entry!

        -Follow me on Goodreads! Again, here's the link to my account https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5171960.Tempest_C_Avery

        -Prove you've read me before! You can do this by providing me information from any of my books that only a reader would know! Again, please make sure to private message me these responses, as posting them here would give others a way of cheating!

       -Review (counts if you have in the past!) any of my books before! This means an HONEST review, so even if you've given me one star, or two stars, etc. and not a rave review, that's ok! Honesty is the best policy and I in no way want you to lie about your likes and dislikes! Just post a link to your review on Goodreads, or your blog, below (or any comment section where this giveaway is mentioned) so that we can all check them out!

     -Follow this blog! Pretty self explanatory I think.

    -Vote on the poll in the top right corner of this blog! :)

Added another one, just read this post and answer the question I've asked to earn another entry! http://tempestchani.blogspot.com/2015/11/halfway-through-nanofunko-pop-collectors.html You don't have to click on anything to enter, I'll know who you are ;)

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  1. Thanks for this awesome giveaway :) I would like to win the Supernatural Bites Kit (if this giveaway is even international?) :)

    1. Yup, I'm accepting international entries! The prizes might just be sent in smaller packaging to reduce shipping costs!

  2. Underworld Starter Kit, because it sounds neat! Thanks for the chance :)

    1. Awesome choice! Remember there are more ways to gain entries!

  3. Hi! If I were to win I would like to have the Underworld Starter Kit! Thanks!

  4. The Tempest fan kit looks absolutely AMAZING!! :) Thanks again for the chance to enter !

  5. The all sound so good but I'd really love the Underworld Starter Kit. Thanks for the chance!

    1. That looks like a popular one! :) Thanks for entering!

  6. Thank you so much for opening this giveaway but I'd love to win The Underworld Starter Kit! :)
    Email: Lody98x@yahoo.ie

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Omg!! I'd like the Underworld starter kit! I've been quite obsessed with Unhinged ever since I've read it for a review! Crossing my fingers on this one! My name's Kat on goodreads and my active email is katrinaelise_e@yahoo.com lol just in case :D

    1. I think I like the Tempest Fan Kit as well. Lol it sounds wonderful :D