Saturday, October 31, 2015

Giveaway Glimpse #1!

I mentioned in my initial post that I'd be posting pictures of some of the prizes for the E.E.Y.R.W giveaway!!! Here's the first one, showcasing pieces of a few different prize packs! I might eventually post pictures of completed prize packs, haven't decided yet. Remember there's still time to enter! You can either do so in the entry form below or head over to the specific page for it on the top left sidebar! :) There's more than one way to enter, and even options that allow you to enter multiple times a day! Just be sure to leave a note or comment letting me know which prize pack you would like if you do end up winning!

Here's a taste of the prizes, the paperback copy of Unhinged, one of the sticker sets (only some of the stickers are visible), and origami birds!

There's still TONS more, like jewelry, bookmarks, notebooks, more paperbacks, etc.! Be sure to enter! :)

Sidenote: Any of you planning on checking out NaNoWriMo this year? I posted about it directly below this one, so read it if you're interested to find out how we can become buddies on the site! It's an awesome way to see what I'll be doing during the month of November, check up on my writing (maybe even read a sample) and monitor my progress! It's also a great way for you guys to try your hand at writing! It's loads of fun and there are prizes at the end if you meet the 50,000 word count! Even if you don't, it's worth participating. I always love it!

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