Monday, October 19, 2015

Uncanny Quarry Round Robin!!!

Hey guys! So I've been mentioning the scavenger hunt for a little bit now! In case you haven't yet checked out the official site, here is what's said on the about page:

Join us for a week of fun and prizes! Find your next great read! It’s a scavenger hunt that will introduce you to new authors and amazing stories.
Uncanny Quarry is a literary scavenger hunt primarily focused on authors who write paranormal and fantasy stories. It will take place October 18th-25th, 2015. The event will be hosted on Facebook.
Throughout the week of the hunt, scavengers will be asked questions that they will have to answer about each author/blogger and their books. The answers to the questions can be found at the author or blogger’s site. Links will be provided with the questions. Watch for the blue Uncanny Quarry lantern on participating sites. 
There are 37 authors and 2 bloggers providing questions and clues for the hunt. On each of the first 7 days of the hunt, questions from 5 authors will be released. Scavengers will have to go to those authors’ sites and find the answers. Write down all the answers because on the last day of the hunt, the last 4 sets of questions will be released and then a link will be posted leading to a Google form. The form will have one question from each author/blogger. The first person to fill out the form with all the correct answers will win the grand prize. There will also be a 2nd and 3rd prize for the next two people to submit a complete and correct form.  If no one gets all the correct answers, then the winners will be based on the most correct answers. ** 
Some days all of the authors’ questions will be posted on the Facebook event page. Other days there will be a Round Robin. That means that the first of five author’s questions will be posted on the Facebook page. When scavengers arrive at the first author’s site they will find a link to the 2nd author’s site. So scavengers will have to look for the links to all the authors’ sites as they look for answers on each author’s page.
The second author for today’s Round Robin of Uncanny Quarry is Lisa Barry. Here are her questions.
1. Go to and find The Guardians by Lisa Barry. Open the “Look Inside” and go to Chapter 5. Read the first two paragraphs. What coffee was ordered?
2.  Go to Lisa’s Author Page (Goodreads or Amazon and read her Bio. Who listens carefully when Lisa reads aloud?
3.  Go to Lisa’s Facebook page ( In the image at the top, what is the tag line?

Here's the link to her site: 

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