Thursday, June 8, 2017

Release Coming! + Coupon!

The release of Bad Things Play Here is supposed to be Friday the 9th, and while it will be available in some places, unfortunately there've been a few setbacks in others. :/

To be clear, I'll let you know ASAP when the paperback and kindle editions of the book are available, as well as supply links to where you can purchase! I can inform you now that the paperback will cost $11, and the ebook through Kindle with be $2.99.


The book is available on on time!!! Woot Woot! So, if you were going to grab an ebook copy anyway, consider heading over there to purchase your copy! :) If you do decide to do this, you can get the book at a discount!!! Yup, as an apology for the delay everywhere else, anyone who checks this blog can use a coupon code at checkout on Smashwords to get the book 25% cheaper than anywhere else!

The code only works until the 13th, so if you're planning on buying the ebook, do so sooner rather than later! The paperback looks amazing though, so if you're holding out for that, you won't be disappointed! To see pictures of the book in physical form, you can check out my instagram @TempestChani!

Here's a link to purchase the ebook:

Here's the coupon code for the book on smashwords: NJ62C

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