Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bad Things Play Here Sale!

Hi guys,

So because of the issue over on Amazon where people couldn't buy the ebook (and the fact I've been super busy as of late) I've decided to offer a sale on the price! If you don't know about Smashwords, it's a great ebook site that makes it easy for authors to publish and distribute their ebooks! You can get a .mobi, ePub, and PDF all from this site by purchasing the book once! That means you can read it on multiple devices!

Usually the price of the book is $2.99, but for the next week it's going to be only $0.99!!! :) Go grab your copies before the sale is over! And don't forget, if you prefer paperback, the book is also available in that format on!

Or at Barnes and Noble here:

In other news, my book Amid Stars and Darkness comes out next month! It's being published by Swoon Reads, on July 18th! I'm really excited about this, and can't wait until we can walk into the bookstore and see it on the shelves!!!

Because of this, expect more posts about that! I've got a couple blog posts with them in the works, as well as a few interviews, so you can head over to their site to check it out (as well as their other amazing authors!) or keep popping back here. I'm going to try and post about it and keep you all in the loop as often as possible!

For a look at the hardcovers check out my instagram @TempestChani !


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