Friday, May 19, 2017

Cover Reveal + Blurb!

It's here! It's here! It's here!

I can't even begin to express how IN LOVE with this cover I am!!!! Like, crazy, head over heels, everyone-I-love-now-has-competition in love!

This cover has all the elements I was looking for! It's edgy, sexy, and a little bit mysterious. It was important for me, going into this, to make sure that the cover looked like the paranormal romance that it is. Even though it takes place in the same universe as Underworld, unlike those, this isn't a YA book, so I wanted to show a bit more skin to help make that clear.

But I also didn't want to make it too crazy. This isn't an erotica. (Have I tortured you guys enough, or did you just scroll down and get to the good stuff?) All right, well without further ado...

The cover of Bad Things Play Here!

What do you think? Do you love it?! As of right now, this is looking like a June release, and the plan is for it to be available in paperback and ebook! You'll have to keep checking back for updates about that, as it's all tentative at the moment! :)

I want to give a huge thank you to Melissa over at the Polyethnic Publishing for helping me with this cover! She put up with a ton of nitpicking on my part, and was super patient throughout! Also, come on! This cover is gorgeous! She seriously outdid herself! You should all go follow her on Instagram! ;)

And, as promised yesterday, I'm also supplying the official blurb below! I'll post the cover and blurb again in a more condensed fashion at a later date, for now I like all the pomp! Please let me know what you all think!!!! Questions are always welcome!


You can’t escape destiny…

Piper Anesidora hates her last name, and the Reaper and demon infested life that comes with it. For centuries, her family has been tasked with protecting Pandora’s Box, and ensuring it’s never reopened. That’s why five years ago she ran away, hoping to build a normal life, one of her own choosing. And it worked. For a little while. But now her brother has been taken by Orpheus, a malicious soul who’s escaped from the Underworld, and if that isn’t bad enough, he’s also stolen the box. The sooner she finds her brother and stops Orpheus from unleashing hell on earth, the better. Piper wants nothing more than to return to the mundane existence she’s created for herself. That is until she’s partnered with the one guy capable of making her crave more. She’s always been told giving into sin is wrong, but her ancestors clearly never met Lust.

You can’t resist temptation…

Reece Luben takes intimate knowledge to a whole new level. As the Greek god of lust, he has a long standing reputation to uphold as a playboy, despite the fact he’s grown bored with the game. It’s been centuries since he’s cared about someone other than his maenads, so he passes the time getting people to shed their inhibitions. As one of the few beings who can sense Pandora’s Box, Reece has no choice but to help Piper find and stop Orpheus, even though he’s avoided her family since the start of his second life. But the feisty Anesidora woman makes him feel things he’s long forgotten, and what starts out as one night giving into desire turns into another…and another. What happens when the god of lust decides he’s changing the game and playing for keeps?

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