Monday, May 15, 2017

Books Books Books!

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Hope you all had a phenomenal weekend! It was Mother's Day so I spent some time with my wonderful mom (though, sadly we didn't make more egg rolls. If you follow me on Instagram, you know what I'm talking about). I just saw King Arthur today and LOVED it! So be prepared for some Charlie Hunnam gifs throughout this particular post ;)

The next few months a few things are going to be happening, so I figured I'd jump ahead and start talking about a few of them now before the crazy begins! Hopefully many of you have heard already about my book Amid Stars and Darkness, which will be released on July 18th! This will be in hardcover, can already be preordered, and will be available in bookstores across the country! I am VERY excited about this, as it will be my first traditionally published book! I can't wait for you guys to be introduced to these characters, to see how far the book has come since it was written over a year ago, and to get your hands on a copy of that beautiful cover!

Again, this will come out July 18th, and I'm sure there will be lots more I'll get to tell you about revolving that closer to the release date! Be sure to keep checking back for info! :)

In other news, I spoke a little in my previous post about working on a new book set in the same universe as the Underworld Saga. I want to say thank you to the people who contacted me through Goodreads offering to be beta readers! You guys have already been a huge help, and I can't wait to get the rest of the book finished and hear your thoughts on it!!!! Progress is going a lot faster than I hoped, and as of right now, it's looking like I might be able to do a June release!

I know, that seems rather fast to get a book out there, but as I'm working on this one alone, and kick started the beta process, I'm hoping that it's a doable goal. I'm still waiting on the cover, but I'm getting help from a friend on that one, so if it takes a little time, it takes a little time ;). As soon as I see it and it's where I want it to be, I'll do a cover reveal!!! There's also the matter of the title being a tad tentative at the moment, though I'm almost certain it's sticking to what I originally planned. We'll have to see. For those of you who know me, or have seen me through this process before, you know when I'm working through a project I'm a little bit like this...

So if I seem to fall by the wayside on a few other things (for example, I didn't post to Instagram today...whoops) that's why! I'm working hard on bringing this book to life! It's a story I've had in my head for a while now, which is why it's moving so quickly. Anyway though, here's a little more news about this book:

Currently, it's titled Bad Things Play Here, and the most important thing to know about it is that it is NOT a YA. Yes, I know. That's crazy. For the past few years I've focused most of my energy on writing young adult novels. Some of you may recall that I wrote a few paranormals at the start of my self publishing career, however. While I shelved those projects and they're no longer available, I realized the reason I kept hitting a wall with the Dionysus story I was dying to write was because I was going about it all wrong. I was trying to write a book about the God of Lust without putting too much emphasis and detail on the most important aspect of that. The actual lust. After some careful consideration, I started fresh and let the story take me where it wanted, without worrying about keeping it PG or even PG-13. The end result was an Adult Paranormal Romance! It's been such a long time since I've written one of these, and this will be the first time I publish one under my actual name so...yikes. That's a lot of pressure! BUT I'm passionate about these characters, and really glad that I found the right way to do them justice and tell their story! For those of you not into Paranormal Romance novels...

Personally, I love them. I read all genres myself (though I'm not a huge fan of historical fiction, or mysteries) and hope those of you who do so as well will give this book a shot! To be clear, in case some of you have never ready a Paranormal Romance: This book is meant for an audience 18+. There will be language, and sexual encounters. While it may take place in the same universe as the Underworld Saga, unlike that series, it is NOT a teen book. Please keep this in mind! I don't want anyone accidentally reading it expecting something like Unhinged, and then being shocked by the swear words and, to be frank, the explicit sex. Though, also to keep things clear, this also is NOT an erotica. So please don't go into it expecting there to be just sex, because that's not the case either. I know. I'm making this complicated. But again, I've never self published a romance under my own name before, and seeing as how the rest of the work I now have available, or that will soon be available, is traditionally published and YA I feel like this is very important for me to emphasize.

There's a blurb in the works, but just to tell you a little about the plot, the book centers around Dionysus, the Greek god of lust. It takes place three months before Unhinged, directly after Micah's death. A malicious spirit slips through the gate, possesses a body, and steals Pandora's Box. Dionysus and the woman who's tasked with keeping the box closed, have to join forces in order to find it before it's too late.

Hadrian makes an appearance or two, which I love, but aside from that this is a stand alone. You do not have had to have read any of the Underworld books in order to understand this story, and there won't be any more books about Dionysus after this one. It will have a HEA ending, and won't leave you hanging or waiting for the next part of the story. :)

Questions and comments, as always, are welcome! Keep checking back for more news, an actual blurb, and the cover reveal! Thanks again to all the beta readers who contacted me!


  1. Love the gifs ;) and looking forward to both books! On a side note, I can't wait to see King Arthur!