Monday, January 21, 2013

Turn Me On Release!!!

Hi all! My NaNoWriMo novel, Turn Me On is now available for purchase!!! I exceeded the 50,000 word mark (you can see by how much in the top left corner)! For those of you who don't know what this book is about I've included a blurb below. Also included is a link to where the book can be purchased for any e-reading device. Go get your copy now while it's only $0.99!!!! :) This is a paranormal romance book, and a stand alone novel which does not connect with any of my other series. This is the perfect chance to check out my work for a low price! Those of you who do, please try and leave an honest review on goodreads after you're done reading! Goodreads reviews really do matter and they really help to spread the word.


Some people have the ability to walk through the minds of others. While this is happening, the assaulted mind processes the events as actually occurring, which means they can get hurt. Or even killed. Telepathy is well known throughout the world, but no one knows who has it, and who doesn't, not even a telepath themselves. The only way to find out is by being Turned On, an event that only happens when an active T.P has entered the mind of an inactive one. Troy Lexin has been Turned On since he was eight. Stolen from his family in the middle of the night and forced to become a Switch--deadly assassin--Troy's secret goal is to get revenge on the man who did this to him. The plan is going smoothly when he accidentally activates a girl he meets at strip club, who then tells him about a secret weapon the resistance is holding that can somehow block out T.Ps. If the Switches get their hands on the tech, they would become unstoppable, which is why she suggests they take it first. No matter how badly his instincts tell him not to trust her, Troy's attraction to Rayna Kinner is starting to block everything else out. But does is she who she says she is? Or is there a darker secret she's keeping from Troy? One that could not only destroy his plan for revenge, but also the world as he knows it.

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