Thursday, January 24, 2013

Echo Island R2R (Chance to read for FREE)

I figured I'd let you all know that my book, Echo Island is currently being offered up in a Read 2 Review on one of the goodreads groups! It's a paranormal romance novel, and part of my Mirror Warrior series. However, it does not need to be read in any certain order, so if you haven't read the first book before, don't worry. This one has a completly different story line with different characters that happen to live in the same world. :) Here's a blurb, and at the very bottom a link where you can go sign up and get your free copy! Thanks in advanced to anyone who checks it out!


Having been alive for seven hundred years, Cassandra Anders has made giving into her carnal needs a dirty habit. She's been using men since the day she was turned, and loving every second of it. Known by most Mirror Warriors, or supernatural beings, as a bit of a party girl, it's no surprise to anyone when she instantly starts up a new fling with a shapeshifter during this century's Fundur, a meeting including members of all supernatural sects.

Harper Donnelly might just be in the market for a little pleasure himself, and he's never been with a vampire before. But just as things are starting to heat up between the two of them, other Fundur attendees start disappearing, or worse. Now not only does he have to figure out his feelings, keep out of the way of a jealous demon, but also figure out whose attacking them all before he or Cass end up being next.

Can these two survive their trip to the island long enough to see if what's between them is real? Or will they die before they ever get the chance?

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