Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Coven: uninvited release! FREE for the time being.

Hey all! The Coven: Uninvited is now up for download on! This is the first book in a new series, The Coven trilogy, and is available for FREE! Click the link and go to smashwords now to download your copy! Getting the cover art to work has been a bit tricky, and because of that it's gone through three different covers already. Smashwords keeps telling me the image files are to small, or that they don't support the JPEG. So we'll see how long it'll take for the cover to work. Until then, Here's what all three covers look like so that no one accidently over looks it! A blurb on the book can also be found on, or in the new releases/coming soon section on this site for those of you looking. As always, any questions or comments feel free to ask. :)

Hopefully once everything is figured out and settled the top one will be the final cover. I was torn between that and the last one, but I think the girl working the water that way looks pretty cool. If any one has any opinion on the matter feel free to let me know!

Happy reading! :)

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