Thursday, September 20, 2012

Echo Island Release!

As of 2016, these books are no longer available! To avoid confusion for anyone in the future, these along with the original Three Realms Series have all been given new Goodreads pages under the name T.C.A. This was to help keep the old works separate and to stop the disappointment from people who've read something under my actual name and then asked about these! I didn't touch any of the reviews for either Echo Island, or Echoes of Time, and even left the descriptions on the books and original covers up on their pages. This is because, maybe, eventually I might want to revisit. For now, however, I'm shelving these. :) I'm only updating this for any future person who might actually take the time to travel all the way back to 2012 on my blog. Thank you!

I'm finally all caught up! I seriously can't believe it! After pushing the dates for the second books in BOTH of my series, I can't believe that they're finally done. Echo Island was just released a few minutes ago! It is now available for download on! There will be a link at the end of this post. This is the second book in the Mirror Warrior series, which is a paranormal romance series. This book focuses on Vampire Cassandra Anders and Shapeshifter Harper Donnelly. Here's a blurb:

Having been alive for seven hundred years, Cassandra Anders has made giving into her carnal needs a dirty habit. She's been using men since the day she was turned, and loving every second of it. Known by most Mirror Warriors, or supernatural beings, as a bit of a party girl, it's no surprise to anyone when she instantly starts up a new fling with a shapeshifter during this century's Fundur, a meeting including members of all supernatural sects.

Harper Donnelly might just be in the market for a little pleasure himself, and he's never been with a vampire before. But just as things are starting to heat up between the two of them, other Fundur attendees start disappearing, or worse. Now not only does he have to figure out his feelings, keep out of the way of a jealous demon, but also figure out whose attacking them all before he or Cass end up being next.

Can these two survive their trip to the island long enough to see if what's between them is real? Or will they die before they ever get the chance?

Click on the link below or the cover image to the right to go get your copy now! And don't miss out on the first book of this series, Echoes of Time!

There also happens to be a new cover, because I just wasn't in love with the original one. I think this one is much better! For those of you who were wondering, some of the cover images I use, like with the short story Echo, are from a DeviantArt account belonging to Vandyla. She let's me use her images, which is very nice of her. If you want to see more of her work, there's a link to it at the bottom left side bar. :) 

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