Sunday, July 30, 2017

Meet (my version) of Ruckus!

My book, Amid Stars and Darkness, released on the 18th!!!

Thanks to everyone who's already gone out and grabbed a copy! If you haven't yet, and you're into romance with a dash of sci-fi (and hot aliens) please do! You can find this in local bookstores, like Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, etc., or/and online at these places as well as Amazon, Target, catch my drift. :)

Anyway, to celebrate I decided to try my hand at drawing one of the main characters from this book! I had such great feedback from my drawing of Hadrian (from my Underworld Saga), so knew I wanted to share this drawing here on the blog, and not just on my instagram! If you do follow my instagram (@TempestChani) you might have already seen this! Above is a pic of it next to a copy of the book (obviously), below I'm putting a bigger one of just the drawing. This is a photo, not a scan, as I haven't yet gotten around to scanning it. I haven't decided yet, but I might do what I did with Hadrian and create a couple of signed bookplates with them. If people are interested, I'll hold a giveaway or something for a few, so let me know! :)

This is how I picture him in my mind (when I'm not thinking about Brian J. Smith lol), but of course picture him however you want!

I may draw Trystan next....We'll see.

In other news, really quick, don't forget about my Paranormal Romance, Bad Things Play Here, which came out in June! It's available on in both paperback and ebook! It's also up on at a discount for another twelve hours or so!

I'm thinking about drawing Reece from that book eventually as well :)

*IN OTHER NEWS: Some of you have been asking about the review blog. Unfortunately, I had to take it down. My review partner hasn't posted in over three years, and it was getting to be too much for me to manage. Especially since I already post my reviews to my Goodreads account. I considered leaving it up so that people could still access author reviews and old reviews, but again, the latter are all on my GR, and leaving it for the first seemed like it would still be too much work for me. People would undoubtedly continue to request I review their work, and while I LOVE doing this, I honestly just don't have the time. It sucks, but there it is. So, that's why the review blog is gone. Sorry for anyone who's disappointed by this.

In happier news, I've added a new page over on the right sidebar, so check that out! :)


  1. Just finished reading this book. Thank you for writing this story! It was so great! Can't wait for the next one! Team Trystan all the way xD

    1. Thank you!!! And thanks for taking the time to comment and let me know! I'm really glad you liked it! :) And yes, people seem to be into Trystan! He's growing a fan base!