Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Unhinged Paperback Giveaway!

Sorry in advance, guys, I know this is a long post with lot's of information, but just a heads up, you might want to take the time to read it so you can find out how you can not only win this book, but also other goodies! :)

To kick off the fact that my book, Unhinged, is now available in paperback, I'm giving away (2) signed copies! The first of which is being hosted here, on my blog, the second will be available through Goodreads.com early next week! Stop by to hear more about that one and get the link!

For now, here is the giveaway happening on the blog! There are a TON of different ways to gain entries, the highest of which is leaving a comment, and tweeting/posting to instagram! For those of you who don't know, I'm on instagram A LOT. If you haven't yet, check out my account! I post lots of pictures of books, as well as info about my upcoming book with Swoon Reads, Amid Stars and Darkness (the cover voting on that ends tomorrow at noon, by the way, so if you haven't yet head on over via the link in the previous posts and choose your favorite)!

Unfortunately, due to the costs of shipping and how insanely long it takes, these giveaways are only open to the US. I'm really sorry about that guys! :/ However, this book is now available in paperback, so you can purchase a copy! In the past, winning one of these giveaways was the only way to get one but not anymore!

For those of you who are international and don't live in the US, I may be able to send you a few smaller goodies like stickers and bookmarks. If you're interested in those, then leave a comment below answering one (or more) of three questions:

1.) Have you read this book before? If not, what interests you about it?
2.) If you have read this book before, who would you most want to see a short story written about?
3.) If you have read this book before, what team are you? Team Hadrian? Team Micah? Or Team Thayer (because let's all be honest, even though Spencer doesn't, everyone loves Thayer).

Make sure to leave me your email address when you do so, so that I can get a hold of you privately and request your address! Please make sure you're either 18 years old, or that you have your parents permission to release information like your address to me!

Depending on how many of you overseas people are interested, I might limit numbers, but if that's the case I'll post about it and let you all know! As of now, I'm alright with mailing out stickers and whatnot to a good amount of people because sending a letter is MUCH cheaper than a package overseas! :)

If any of you have read this far and DO live in the US, but happen to be seriously interested in smaller swag bags that include bookmarks and stickers and things, let me know in a comment below as well! If people are interested, I might do a separate giveaway and/or pick a few of you to send some out to during this one! :)

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the chance my favorite myth is the Egyptian creation myths I find Egyptian mythology fascinating. As far as my favorite character this tough... I think I'll have to go with Hadrian

  2. Entered giveaway. Love this series and can't wait for the next book. Favorite is definitely Hadrian! Smexy! Love the whole Persephone myth, wrote a book based on her as an evil character too! Thanks for the giveaway! Congrats on your publishing with Swoon!