Monday, April 4, 2016

The Underworld Saga + Unbound DISCOUNT!

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Hey guys!

Working on the fourth and final installment of the Underworld saga, Unabated, so figured I'd do a reminder post for all of you who haven't get gotten around to the second or third book (or even the first one)! I've included links and cover art to all three, including a link to the FREE short story that I posted up on Wattpad! The link is on the right sidebar! Side note on this: if you haven't yet read Unhinged, I'd suggest waiting before reading the short story, as it's basically a major scene from the first book told in Hadrian's POV. It will contain spoilers so you have been warned. ;)

Just want to make sure everyone checked out my previous post! Most of my accounts have now been altered, along with book covers etc. to say my real name on them Chani Lynn Feener, so remember if you're looking for any of my future work it will be under this name and NOT THE PENNAME TEMPEST C. AVERY!!!!!! That's important! :)

For now, the prices on these books are low, but I might end up changing them in the near future so grab your copies now!!!

Currently $0.99!!!!!!!

Spencer Perry lost everything the day her boyfriend died. Even when he came back as a ghost, she was never able to return to her old self. Determined to find a way to bring both of them back--him from the dead and her from her depression--Spencer hops a ride with a Reaper across the river to the Underworld where she meets the god of the dead. Hadrian isn't what she expected Hades to be like, but when he agrees to a deal that can get her Micah back, she puts all caution aside and accepts. Too bad she didn't realize that she'd also just accepted a lot more then one gorgeous yet frustrating god. Bad things are happening all around her, and now she not only has to worry about keeping Micah's ghost status a secret from their friends, but also figure out who's behind all of the accidents. All signs point towards Hadrian, but something about that just doesn't feel right to her. Something that she hopes has nothing to do with her growing attraction towards him.

Currently $1.99!!!!

It's been three months since Spencer Perry first made her deal with the god of the Underworld-a year of her spending nights below in exchange for the life of her boyfriend Micah. Now with Micah back, making those promised trips to hang with Hadrian-better known as Hades-has gotten even more complicated. Not to mention the fact that an evil Persephone is hell bent on releasing malicious spirits on the world. And on Spencer. The threat forces her to spend more time with the god, and less time with Micah, igniting feelings within her that leave her guilty and confused. How could she be falling for Hadrian when she's always believed that Micah was her soul mate? The clock on their deal is ticking down, but with every second Persephone gets more and more restless with lying in wait. In the end, the only way through the evils of the Underworld might be for Spencer to give into her true feelings. No matter who that ends up being for.

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It's been six months since Spencer made the deal with the god of the Underworld: a year of spending nights below. Now that she's finally given into her feelings for Hadrian, she hopes her second life will start getting less complicated. Of course, considering her new world is filled with Reapers, demons, and malicious spirits, that doesn't seem likely. What does surprise her is the way her ex-soul mate Micah St. James is treating her. Ever since they broke up he's been giving her the cold shoulder, and the more she worries about where they stand, the more she ends up putting a wedge between her and Hadrian. She chose the god for a reason, now she just has to keep that in mind while they fight off the attacks of an evil Persephone hell bent on tearing them apart. By any means necessary. She's already lost Micah. She'd die--again--if the original Gravewalker got her way and managed to steal Hadrian as well.

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