Saturday, March 7, 2015

Unhinged is Back!!! Plus FREE read!!!

Alright everyone, if you've read my latest post (if you haven't you should!) you know that while I'm still actively seeking a publisher, I'm re releasing Unhinged! There has been a lot of questions about this, and a lot of people have shown interest so I've decided to just go back to self publishing it in the meantime. That being said, I'll be posting the link that leads you to where you can buy it on! I'm also fixing the button on the side, so that from now on, clicking on the cover picture to the right will also immediately bring you to the correct page! For the next few weeks the book will be on sale for only $0.99!!!

Thank you so much again to everyone who's stuck around this past year waiting on me to either release it again or to give news on the third book (again view below at earlier post). I really appreciate it.  If you read below you'll also see info another book coming soon set in the same universe as Unhinged! And in other news...

One of the new books I promised is now up and ready to be read for FREE on! This is a site that works sort of like Wattpad, in the sense that readers get to vote and comment on their favorite/or not so favorite books! They choose books to then actually publish later on, so I'd really appreciate it if all of you could swing by (link below) and check this book out! Comment, rate, and hopefully enjoy! Again, this is your way to read one of my books, free, so if you liked Unhinged, please go read Within a Dream. And in case you didn't read my earlier post, and don't plan on doing so now, let me just reiterate that this book, while containing some of the same characters and a similar main plot, is NOT the first book of the original Dreamer trilogy, All That We See or Seem. This book, Within a Dream, has NEVER been published anywhere before, and has never been read by anyone (except my best friend). It's a rule of that this be the case, which is why I keep stressing it to you guys. It's also because All That We See or Seem was written years ago when I'd had little technical training and was just starting my hand at writing. Since then, my skills have vastly improved, and I no longer want to be associated with the poor quality that was that book. ;)

For those of you who read All That We See or Seem before, or even the entire trilogy, please check this one out! I assure you it'll be better than the first book, so if you hated it, you should hopefully like this one more, and same goes if you actually liked it! You'll find it's a completely new, fresh read.

As a side note, when you check out Swoonreads you'll see that I've included me actual name along with my penname. Just giving a heads up so no one thinks anything was stolen from me or anything like that :).

Those interested in reviewing any of my books, please feel free to message me via my account (I will also leave that link below).

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