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Figured I'd keep you all caught up on a few things, like for instance what's going on with the Underworld series (aka, why it can't be found for purchase anywhere, and where the third book is) as well as other series that you might have noticed absent from...well, everything, as of late.

Firstly, I'd like to just address how supportive you've all been, and understanding about the delay in the third book. A lot of you have messaged me on Goodreads (which is where I'm usually at) asking about it and are very cool when I explain the situation. I am still in the throes of finding a publishing company/agent, and because of this do not intend to release the third book yet. HOWEVER, I will be re-releasing the first book, Unhinged, sometime within the next week or so. Once I do, I'll post about it here and drop a link! It has been altered some, edited and whatnot, but the changes aren't huge ones (no more Ryan...oops), so if you've already read the first copy no need to reread (though feel free too if you want!).

For those (few) of you who read and liked my original Dreamer trilogy, I'm sorry (not really) to say that I have taken all copies down and do not intend to ever sell those particular ones again. However (again), I do have good news about that. While I'm completely trashing those books, the first one without a doubt, I am not killing off all of the characters, or the basic plot line. I have instead written a new book based on the same running plot--witch girl prophesized to save three realms--which is titled, Within a Dream. This book will include a lot of the same characters, like Ruarc, Brid, Caer, and Ronan, but there are also a lot of characters that will not be carried over.

Just to be clear, this is NOT the same book! While All That We See or Seem will always be really special to me, it being my first fully written novel when I was fifteen, let's be honest, it's not my best work. Not even close. Not even in the same universe as. So, I've scrapped it, deciding to write a completely new book based off of some of the same characters. They are not all the same, however. I'm hoping that in this book the characters are better rounded and the story has more flow. It does not take place in Bevain. They do not know anything about the prophecy. And Larkin is not a jerk.

Ok, that last parts a lie, he's still sort of a jerk, but less of one, I swear! ;)

Basically, what I'm saying is, if you happened to be one of the few who read All that We See or Seem, this book is nothing like that. The ONLY similarity it has is the tattoo parlor scene from the novella, Where Thy Dark Eye Glances. That's it. So, if you've read the Dreamer trilogy in the past and liked it, hopefully you'll like this more. It's not the same, but it's better written. And if you read the Dreamer trilogy before and hated it, well, maybe you'd be willing to give this new one a try. Again, IT'S COMPLETLY DIFFERENT! NOT THE SAME BOOK! WAS NEVER READ BEFORE!

If it weren't for the fact I liked the premise so much (and Ronan), I wouldn't have even bothered writing another Dreamer trilogy. I would have simply allowed the old one to rest in peace and been done with it. But I couldn't. So I wrote a new book...with the same characters. :) I'm hoping to have it edited within the next week or so, and once that's done, the plan is to post it up on, where you can all read it for FREE!

Another book I want to do this with is a branch off from the Underworld saga universe! While I can't give you guys more Hadrian (for now!) I can hopefully help ease the ache by introducing you to another ancient god. Though, this one hails from Norse myth, and doesn't live underground. That being said, you can expect to catch glimpses of a few familiar faces from Unhinged! ;)

This book, titled Beguiling Trickery, won't be available for at least another month or so but once it is I'll post about it here and like with Within a Dream I plan for it to be available for free up on!

My book for this years (2014) NaNoWriMo is still being working on as well! I beat the word count, but didn't feel that was enough to complete the book so kept going. You can still read the first couple of chapters up on my Wattpad! The cover for it is above, and below in another post, and the book is titled, Bone Deep.

Keep stopping by to check out the covers and find out more about releases and upcoming projects! If you have any questions, as usual, feel free to ask! If you don't want to do so here, or you want a speedy reply, message me on my account:

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