Tuesday, November 14, 2017

ASAD Magnetic Bookmarks and Candles!

Hey everyone!

The holiday season is upon us (that sounded way more dire than I intended) and I've got some cool news for you! If you've been wondering what to get people (or get yourself), I've got a few suggestions!

For the fans of my YA Sci-Fi/Romance book, Amid Stars and Darkness, this is pretty awesome! If you're not yet a fan, please pick up a copy of my book at your local bookstore, or online! You can even find links by clicking on the cover image on the left sidebar! Simple, right?

Now you can also purchase magnetic bookmarks of two of the main characters, Ruckus and Trystan! They'll come on a pretty star studded background card, and are perfect for keeping your page! At the moment, I'm only offering them as a set, so get it, and if you prefer one over the other, give the other to a friend! ;) Works out as far as getting gifts so, especially because every bookworm loves bookmarks! I don't even use them, and I still collect them!

If you're looking for something a bit more substantial, or to go along with your bookmarks, The Burning Bright Library on Etsy has candles! Yes, there are candles for my book! You can get Ruckus, Trystan, Delaney, and/or Delaney's Pumpkin Pie, all of which smell absolutely phenomenal! So, if you've been curious what the Zane smells like up close and personal (or the Ander) here's your chance to find out! The scent throw on these are seriously amazing, and they come in glass jars with gorgeous labels!

AND you can get 10% off your order by using my rep code: TEMPEST10
How's that for awesome?! She doesn't just have candles for my book either, there are tons of others available for different fandoms!!!

Another fun fact? You can also take 10% off an order of bookmarks from me at my shop by using Marissa (Burning Bright Library's shop owner) rep code for me: HAPPY10

This doesn't just work for the magnetic bookmarks either! It's good for prints and my regular bookmarks as well, so if there's been something in the shop you've been waiting to buy, now is the time!

So, what are you waiting for? Get holiday shopping (or just shopping, doesn't have to be for the holidays)!

Here are the links to both the bookmarks, and the candles!

My Etsy:


Burning Bright Library Etsy:


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