Saturday, November 5, 2016

The New Cover for Unhinged is HERE!!!

I want to thank everyone who took the time to go to Instagram and vote for the new cover!!! I absolutely LOVE it, and am so glad that it won!!!! Unhinged will be available in online AND IN STORES December 25th this year!!! It's gone through editing, and, as you now know, will have a brand new look!

This book is also being offered in the first ever Polyethnic Fandom Book Box, which will be a monthly book box subscription with a book and 8-12 other bookish items!!! It's currently available for pre-order so if you already know you want to buy Unhinged, head over to the Polyethnic publishing site and preorder the box so you get all the extra, awesome items!!! Here's the link to make it easier:

Also, don't forget, there's a giveaway a few posts down for extra items like bookmarks, bookplates, etc.! :) There's a FREE entry available, as well as a bunch of other ways to gain more entries, so check it out!

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