Saturday, February 27, 2016


Look what finally came in, guys!!!! I know it's taken forever, but now that the hard copies are here, it's just a matter of putting all of the different pieces for the prizes together! They'll be shipped out sometime this week!!!! These are some of the hard copies along with a few of the origami pieces and a bunch of the stickers! The Prisoner of Glass cover had to be changed in order to fit the program used to make the paperbacks unfortunately. But it's better than having a blurry cover. Not all of the prizes are pictured here! I just put some of them together so show you guys! There are still bookmarks, jewelry, and other smaller items!

Just so you know, some changes had to be made to a few of the prize items offered. Sorry about this :/ It's been a crazy past few months and I wasn't able to get/do everything that I'd hoped to. But the stuff you are getting is still awesome and I hope all of you winners enjoy! :) I'm planning on emailing each of you when your box is shipped so you'll know!

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