Saturday, November 28, 2015


Ugh, this month. I've been crazy running around trying to get so many different things done! I've got a commission I'm working on (I draw, if any of you didn't know that. Check out my instagram @TempestDraws ) AND I've been struggling this year to beat NaNoWriMo. My book got completely away from me, so it's been horrible trudging through it, but I did, I hit the word mark! Hopefully I can salvage this book later on, because I really loved it at the start. :/

This post is mostly about keeping you guys updated, so, now that my NaNoWriMo win has been established, I'll be moving on to posting more chapters of the second Coven book! I'm thinking about actually going through the first, editing it, and then making it available again. What do you guys think?

Here's the link to the book, four more chapters posted today!

Remember, it's about to be December, which means the final month to enter my giveaway! Hopefully I'll get around to posting more photos of the prizes later on!

Trying to decide which project to get to next...I have the second book in both the Dreamer trilogy and the Trickster trilogy started, so I can keep writing either of those. Or I have about five other partially finished projects, and three books that need editing and rewrites before they can be released. Again, craziness. Sigh.

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