Saturday, June 13, 2015

*insert witty post title here!*

Ok, I got a little lazy above with the title, but there are only so many posts I can put the word NEWS on so...yeah.

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the giveaways of my books, Beguiling Trickery and Within a Dream! Those two paperback copies have been mailed! For any of you who still want to read either or both of these, you can do so for FREE on the site! You can follow the link at the right where the cover for Within a Dream is just by clicking on it!

If you want to read but prefer not to read it on the website, there's currently a R2R going on in the group Fangirls and Fanboys on! That means you can get the book for free in either ePub, .mobi, or PDF format! There are a limited number of copies so act fast! Here's the link:

I'm sure most of you have read the blurb a thousand times by now, but in case there's a newcomer, here it is:

Two all powerful beings want her. One is a literal nightmare, the other is a god.

Kenna Erikson knows absolutely nothing about Norse mythology. Which is daunting, considering she’s a volur, a type of seer the Vikings believed garnered favor with the gods. For the most part, she ignores her gifts, and the useless ability to foresee thirty or so seconds into the future. For as long as she can remember, she’s had only herself to rely on, and she likes that just fine. However, when shadows suddenly come alive and attack her, she’s forced to seek outside help in the form of tall, blonde, and infinitely annoying, Luka. Somehow, Luka knows all about her attackers, and the mythology they spring from. He’s also eager to help out, despite the fact they’ve only just met. But what secret is he keeping? Who is he really? And why does her heart flip every time he’s around?


I went ahead and posted the first chapter to a new book I'm sort of working on! I figured why not at this point, right? I've got so much else that's out there so figured it'd be fun to try a different approach. Below is the link to the first chapter, please go and check it out! I'd really like to know what you guys think! :) I have a few more chapters written but won't be posting them until I know if this is something I should keep up.

Here's a working Blurb:

Melinda Gray isn't really her name. She isn't really a Blood citizen, and technically, she's not really a member of the Blood army. Placed in enemy territory at a young age, being a spy is practically all that Melinda knows. Five years pretending to be someone else, cut off from the people she loves, has left its mark. But now it's all coming to a head; she's finally gotten an audience with the allusive Blood king. Just a few more weeks, months top, and she might be able to finally go home. Of course, in order to do that, she needs to remember who she really is, and that that girl absolutely, under no circumstances, can have real feelings for the king. Pretending is allowed, but what happens when the line blurs and Melinda finds herself in a reality made of smoke and mirrors?

Do you guys think I should also start posting chapters here on the blog? I could create a new page for them...?

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