Sunday, April 5, 2015

Beguiling Trickery Release!!!!! FREE read!

Alright everyone, my book, Beguiling Trickery, is finally out and available as a FREE read on the site! Please go and check it out! Again, for those of you who don't know about it, is a place where anyone can post up their completed teen novel in hopes of getting picked for a possible publishing deal! This is based a lot off of reviews, and comments, so go read and leave some!

If you're just checking in and don't know anything about this book, it's based in the same universe as my Underworld series. However, unlike with that series, which revolves around Greek mythology, most notably that of Hades and Persephone, this trilogy focuses on Norse myth instead. If Hadrian is Hades, I wonder who Luka is? ;)

Below I've placed a blurb, and a link to the book! Again, please go and check this out! If anyone has any troubles reading (I've gotten PMs from people about this in regards to my other book on there, Within a Dream) please let me know! I'm thinking about getting a few PDF copies out there to people who can't read on the site, with understanding that in return they'll post their honest review and comments to the site once they'd read it. Want to know more about Luka before you check it out? I've recently added a new section to the right called, Ask Away, where characters are "interviewed". You don't have to PM questions, just post them in the comments there! :)

And without further ado, Beguiling Trickery:


Two beings want her. One is a literal nightmare, and the other is a god.

Kenna Erikson knows absolutely nothing about Norse mythology. Which is daunting, considering she’s a volur, a type of seer the Vikings believed garnered favor with the gods. For the most part, she ignores her gifts, and the useless ability to foresee thirty or so seconds into the future. For as long as she can remember, she’s had only herself to rely on, and she likes that just fine. However, when shadows suddenly come alive and attack her, she’s forced to seek outside help in the form of tall, blonde, and infinitely annoying, Luka. Somehow, Luka knows all about her attackers, and the mythology they spring from. He’s also eager to help out, despite the fact they’ve only just met. But what secret is he keeping? Who is he really? And why does her heart flip every time he’s around?

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