Sunday, October 7, 2012

All That We See or Seem Rewrites!

Hi! Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's been reviewing the first book in my teen fantasy series, All That We See or Seem. It's been a big help and made me realize the editor I had used back then didn't do a good job (obviously). Sorry that I didn't pay more attention to whether or not they did, buuut it did prompt me to go back and rewrite the first book. Some things are going to be a little different then the original copy, but for the most part all of those major plot archs are still going to be there so for those of you who already purchased/read the first book there's no need for you to go back and do so again. You can just continue on with the second book :). I'm rewriting as well as editing. Again I'm really sorry there were so many mistakes in that first edition and I hope that most of you will still be giving the second book a try, which was written after a lot more schooling and has a let less mistakes. Anyway, as soon as that new copy is ready I'll update it on smashwords so that anyone who wants to reread it and already purchased it will be able to do so for free. Just felt like I should let you all know, as well as anyone else thinking about starting the series, that I appreciate all the feedback (including the bad) and am taking it to heart.

In other news, I have the cover to the third book finished! I'm not sure when I'll be releasing it, but I'll keep you posted. AND my book blog, The Window Seat, is going to be hosting a new giveaway every week for the next two months! This week three of you could win a copy of, Captured Lies, written by Maggie Thom. It'll be posted up by tonight along with an interview and the giveaway starts tomorrow. Don't miss out! There's a link to that blog at the bottom right of this page so go a head and scroll down to check it out. :)

If any one has any questions about anything, my writing, the giveaways, or the book blog, feel free to post a comment here and ask me. :)


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